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Fake Lederer Responds, Real Negreanu Chimes in

by , Nov 17, 2008 | 12:06 am

I’m still thinking settlement … but maybe not, as Howard Lederer has responded publicly (odd that any attorney would encourage this) saying, basically, bring it on, let’s open it up … we’re all-in, ho-bitch!

UPDATE: The below from “HowardLederer” has turned out to be a hoax post. My apologies for briefly forgetting that blogs came about in part to filter through all the crap on forums, so you don’t have to waste your time. But the Negreanu stuff after the jump is really him.

From 2+2:

Originally Posted by HowardLederer
I have personally given Clonie over 600K in cash over the last three years alone. I wonder if she has paid he taxes on this money? I never once offered her 1 percent of anything. For her to say otherwise is disingenuous and is really sad.

Team Full Tilt has decided to take this case all the way. There will be no settlement. This will just give us more publicity, and when online poker is no longer public enemy number one in a few months, it will make our brand that much stronger.

Clonie, I am really disapponted in you. What you really need is a good tax attorney for the 600K that you never reported.


OK, hmm. Intriguing. I have a feeling that Howard “never once offered her 1 percent” might hold up as technically true. But I’m not so sure how the “tattletale strategy” will work in the legal system. But can’t wait to find out! The OJ Trial of Poker: Juicy!

And even though he has nothing to do with Full Tilt, Daniel Negreanu offers up his $.02 on Full Contact Poker — letting people know essentially that Clonie should be ostracized from the poker community. He also claims there’s “no freaking way” that she is a 1 percent owner, making him the first non-Team Full Tilt member to make an assertion with absolute certainty on the mysterious ownership nature of the biggest competitor to the site he works for.

In response to one of his forum member’s attempt at a balanced look at the possibilities in play:

Or 3) She has gone absolutely ding bat crazy and is making things up. There is just no freaking way they’d offer her 1%, no freaking way. This feels more like crazy ex-girlfriend extortion than anything else. I really hope she doesn’t get away with this, luckily I don’t think she will. What an idiot.


It’s so obvious what she is trying to do. Who do you think posted the link on the internet? She wants to create a stir in the hopes that she can get some kind of home rum settlement figuring FTP can afford it and it’s easier to throw money at her and make her go away. All of it based on complete lunacy and lies. I hope she ends up with what she deserves: nothing. She’s ruined herself with this move. I’ll never speak to her again, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


As or Clonie, naming random people associated with FTP in a lawsuit is extremely irresponsible and inappropriate. It’s like she’s just throwing darts and guessing. She’s not going to make any friends doing that. I mean, Mike Matusow? Like he needs to be on that suit, it’s ridiculous.

Hmm, Danny-boy, with all due respect, I don’t think you’ve got a grasp on the American court system. If she’s claiming she’s an owner, it only makes sense to list all the other presumable owners in the suit. This is not throwing darts, this is a very common legal practice. Just sayin’.

Clonie vs. Full Tilt (11/15/08)

4 Comments to “RE: Clonie vs. Full Tilt ”

  1. Thomas R

    I played with her at the Gold Strike Open $500 Main Event and she was a pre Madonna the whole time. I made it down to 29. I played Day two with her and all she did was talk on phone and act very snobby to table.

  2. Thomas R

    I meant $5000 Main Event in Tunica.

  3. capit

    Thomas – she was there for one purpose and so were you, to take everyone’s money. That doesn’t exactly encourage a “happy time” for everyone.

  4. Scott

    Doesn’t mean she should be snobby either to the table, not very good poker etiquette. It should be very entertaining/interesting to see what comes from the lawsuit.