Pokerati-Hard Rock Game Note

by , Jun 15, 2010 | 10:05 am

Special running of Pokerati action tonight, Tuesday, at the Hard Rock. That’s in addition to the usual Thursday fare. Should be a blogtastic 1/2 NL/PLO good time, with Joe Speaker, Bad Blood, and The Mark in town, specifically for PLO at the WSOP and beyond … hoping to draw a few Brits as well, you know, in case we end up playing through Honduras vs. Chile.

Though we haven’t run this game on a Tuesday in forever, the list usually starts taking shape at 7:30 … with cards in the air about 8.

Also don’t forget, for a different kinda wild, Wednesday night is the PokerNews Half-Kill game, bringing hardcore $4/$8 limit and higher to the Hard Rock.

You can find/follow many of the players in both these games on twitter (do a search for “hard rock”) and get updates from the poker room about what’s running @HardRockPoker.

4 Comments to “Pokerati-Hard Rock Game Note”

  1. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Whoa, freaky deaky. You selling that t-shirt in yr fancy shoppe with an “e” yet?

  2. DanM

    i wish … tie-dye is a little less easily mass-produced by the low-cost t-shirt elves we hire.

  3. Losty


    I May know some elves that can help.. If you’re looking for dye..

    Eh, No harm in asking.

  4. DanM

    losty, we should chat. can’t give it the shirt biz much attention at the moment, but long road for sure. feel free to leave more info here, or send me a private email that may or may not get buried.