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November Niner Cashes in L.A.

WSOP Short Stack Kelly Kim Practices Final Table Play

by , Aug 11, 2008 | 7:24 pm

In a stunning development, one of the WSOP November Nine has cashed in a poker tournament. And it just happened to be Kelly Kim, the shortest stacked player waiting to head back to the Rio in Las Vegas to attempt an immediate double-up at the WSOP final table. But instead of stuntin’ around Los Angeles with his 9th place money, he’s honing his final table skills.

In Event #13 of the Legends of Poker tournament series at the Bicycle Casino in L.A., Kelly was one of the 252 players in the $335 NLHE w/rebuys. And he ended up finishing in 4th place for a $10,650 payday.

In other November Nine news, David “Chino” Rheem did make the trip last week to Uruguay for the LAPT Punta del Este, but he was busted early on Day 1 when his 9-6 ran into a 6-4 and a 4 flopped. (PokerStars reported the action here.) Chino, along with Ivan Demidov and Peter Eastgate, are scheduled to play the WSOP Europe next month, so it will be possible to see some results from them there.

Poker Author makes final table of Ladies event

by , Aug 5, 2008 | 10:34 am

I know it’s been discussed before, but a recent California “ladies” event held at the Bicycle Casino brings back that discussion. I was looking at Pokerpages on Monday and decided had a look at the Legends of Poker series of tournaments to see the latest results. Barbara Enright took down the title, but if you looked at who finished in 7th place (which has been removed) you would have seen poker author John Vorhaus listed. Fortunately the tournament reporter mentioned that Vorhaus, the chip leader going into the final table, “dressed appropriately for the ladies event wearing a red-haired wig and a dress”. Is this how “Killer Poker” is supposed to be played?

I personally don’t understand why men would want to play in a ladies’ event unless they’re either looking for attention, or that they’re so bad at poker they feel their best chance at winning is to play the “weaker” sex. Maybe it was done for a more noble purpose, so I hope the $725 was worth it.

Update: Vorhaus talks about his experience in the event on his blog.

Legends of Poker at the Bike

Tournaments Begin Wednesday, July 30

by , Jul 19, 2008 | 4:33 pm

The WSOP has been over for days now, so for all of you poker junkies looking for your next tournament fix, L.A. is the place. Well, the Bike is actually located in Bell Gardens, California, which isn’t exactly a beach resort, but unfortunately, no one has built a card room oceanside in Los Angeles yet. My bad.

The Legends of Poker series at the Bicycle Casino begins shortly and runs for a full month, culminating in the WPT $10K main event. Here is a breakdown of the tournament schedule for your planning pleasure:

7/30 $335 NLHE
7/31 $335 NLHE – single rebuy
8/1 $545 NLHE
8/2 $335 NLHE – $150K guaranteed
8/3 $340 Ladies NLHE
8/3 $530 Mega Super Satellite NLHE
8/4 $335 Omaha hi-lo
8/5 $335 NLHE
8/6 $545 NLHE
8/7 $335 LHE
8/8 $335 7-Card Stud hi-lo
8/9 $1070 NLHE – 6K starting chips
8/10 $335 NLHE – multiple rebuys
8/11 $545 NLHE
8/12 $545 Omaha hi-lo
8/13 $1070 NLHE – 6K starting chips
8/14 $335 NLHE – multiple rebuys – $150K guaranteed
8/15 $545 NLHE – single rebuy
8/16 $550 Ladies NLHE
8/17 $545 NLHE – multiple rebuys
8/18 $1070 NLHE – 6K starting chips
8/19 $545 LHE
8/20 $1030 Mega Super Satellite NLHE
8/21 Media Invitational NLHE
8/21 $1070 Mariani/Buss Open NLHE charity tournament
8/22 $1030 Mega Super Satellite NLHE
8/23 $10K WPT NLHE Championship – Day 1A
8/23 $1030 Mega Super Satellite NLHE
8/24 $10K WPT NLHE Championship – Day 1B
8/29 $225 NLHE Player Appreciation – $50K added – qualifiers played at least 1 LOP event

Flashback to Live Poker in L.A.

by , May 17, 2008 | 8:02 am

When poker was super hot – like the weather in L.A. this weekend – players couldn’t get enough of it. It wasn’t enough to watch the plethora of poker TV shows and listen to podcasts; poker fans wanted to see the real deal. And Live at the Bike gave it to them with live webcasts of cash games from the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

Live at the Bike ran from early 2005 to the spring of 2007, and for fans of the shows, they are archived and available at a site called Poker Netcast. The site not only offers those webcasts but quite of bit of other instructional tools, some of which are still in the works. Though there is a small monthly fee to access all of the videos, players and poker fans can log on to get a preview of the site and see what it has to offer.

California Says Ladies-Only Tournaments = Discrimination

by , Feb 4, 2008 | 8:36 pm

It seems that the California Bureau of Gaming Control doesn’t take too kindly to discrimination.

On January 18, the Bureau released a statement that rejected “ladies only” poker tournaments because they violate the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Not only will such events not be allowed to discriminate in admittance prices or services offered, but they can no longer advertise tournaments as ladies only, since men must be admitted.

PokerNews ran an article about it, noting that the Bicycle Casino and Commerce Casino do allow men to enter the events and will change their advertisements to remove the word “only” when referring to the ladies tournaments.

The WPT, which recently launched its Ladies League, said, “The intention of WPT Ladies is not to prohibit or promote against male players from joining, playing or receiving equal prizing in WPTL tournaments, but rather to encourage the growth of women in poker and provide opportunities to test their skills in the tournament environment.”

Curious to see how this all plays out – if men will start entering these ladies events to make a point or if they will leave the ladies alone.

See the entire Bureau of Gambling Control press release by clicking below:


Quick Legends Update(s)

by , Aug 29, 2007 | 5:31 pm

Robert and Tom have both made it to another pay level … with 15 players left, the worst either can do is cash out with 44k. Tom’s stack is still healthy … Robert’s is still tiny … just like he likes it.

By the way, regarding that marked ace Robert pointed out … very nice diversionary tactic tourney officials won’t notice the inevitable colluding that will should be going on between Robert and Tom.

I can’t stop following the action here.

UPDATE: After fighting long and hard, making it to the final two tables, Robert Goldfarb exits in a very respectable 15th place, taking home $43,440. Congrats on grinding that short stack! – Karridy

UPDATE: It’s TV table bubble time. Tom slowed a set of 5’s to let Thu Nguyen find false hope in a river King, building Tom’s stack to right at 3 Million. He is currently the chip leader, and is looking good enough for me to book a flight to Burbank. – Karridy

Breaking News: Legends Day 3 Comes to a Close!
Arizona Posse-rati Double Representin’

by , Aug 28, 2007 | 10:05 pm

OK, so maybe it’s not earth-shattering … but I take great pleasure in reporting the results of the WPT Legends tourney before CardPlayer did. No media badge needed, and I didn’t even pay a dime for the privilege! Woo-hoo, poker journalism is easy!

So anyways, yes, we they have moved on to Day 4 … with 18 people still in contention for the $1.6 million win. One of those players is our own Tom Schneider, who is 5th in chips with 803,000, and our newly beloved Robert Goldfarb, who has a little better than half the average stack with 296,000. That whole M=11ish thing again.

Blinds start tomorrow at 5k/10k + 1k.

All remaining players are guaranteed at least $34,000 (net: +$24,000) and the tournament resumes tomorrow as they play down to a 6-man final table.

Give Me Money or Give Me Death!

by , | 5:19 pm

The Legends of Poker tourney is at the money bubble, and Pokerati’s two Arizona bitches “main men” are still alive. Tom Schneider seems to have floundered a bit, but that’s probably just a ploy, as he claims to be in some sort of “zone.”

Robert Goldfarb is hanging on via my favorite strategy of getting the money in when you are behind and taking full advantage of a favorable board:

2nd to last hand of night I moved all in for 17,500 with QT. Dutch Boyd called me with TT. When the cards were turned up I said ‘im pretty good at these’ 44k.

Awesome. Can you see why I love this guy?And then most recently, today, as in like a few minutes ago:

Pushed 34k with 55, Ali [Sarkeshik] calls with KK. What was he thinking. 74k.

Click here to follow the action as they play down to 18(?) tonight.



Can we get a Boo-yah?

NOTE: Condolences are in order for Arizona’s Mike Wattel, who obviously needs to work on his card-catching/dodging skills.

California Gold Rush

by , | 6:07 am

At the end of Day 2 of the WPT Legends of Poker tourney at the Bike, there are 53 players remaining … 45 of whom will make the money — $16,000 for crossing the bubble — and a few who will have a real chance at the $1.6 million first prize. Tom was a serious force all day, but ended up with 180k in chips … just below the average stack line. Robert (along with David Chiu) will start Day 3 with the smallest stack. Should be a real test of his critical bubble play. That or pocket queens on his first playable hand will or will not hold up.

Dallas underground expat Gavin Griffin is also alive and well, by the way.

Interesting thing in the official tournament wrap-up is the growing disparity between CardPlayer, now in partnership with the WPT, and the WSOP. I guess it’s kinda like Japan and Italy were technically allies in WW2, semi-united in their animosity toward the USA and its way of doing things:

Legends of Poker Day 2 Recap

In a quiet corner of the Bicycle Casino, day two of the Legends of Poker played out as the antithesis of the World Series of Poker. The first major tournament since hoards or poker fanatics descended upon the circuit, Legends produced a focused group of name professionals that batted until 53 were left standing. Flurries of action were set between long periods of calm, and numerous pros fell early.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that they are trying to put a positive spin on the “closed set” nature of their events. After all, it is quite different from the carnival atmosphere of the WSOP, and indeed, that’s their prerogative to run ’em that way. It probably will work just fine — players will still play — but gotta say, I probably wouldn’t care as much about what’s going on behind closed curtains if I didn’t have a couple friends alive behind them.

Any thoughts on this from you poker-geeky internet readers out there?

The Other Big Event This Weekend … and still going

by , Aug 27, 2007 | 11:06 pm

Day 2 of the $10k main event of the WPT Legends of Poker is well underway in California (aka the Oklahoma of Las Vegas).

Click here to follow the chip-by-chip coverage.

The Arizona contingent of Pokerati is representin’ … Donkey Bomber is second in chips right now (behind Dutch Boyd) and Big Robert is hanging on, trying to make it to Day 3. With 89 players left, he’s a shortish stack with 30k. Blinds are 800/1600 +200. Other Arizona peeps doing well/on fumes include Danny Fuhs and Mike Wattel.

Beyond all those guys, I’m watching the fake Todd Phillips and Batface fantasy-teamer Danny Wong — who’s got a plenty healthy stack as he guns for his third WPT final table in a row.

By the way, there’s also lots of crazy poker media stuff going — this being the first WPT event with semi-closed coverage after a legally questionable deal between Berman/Lipscomb Inc. and CardPlayer. California girl Jen Newell over at Wisehand should have some decent insight … as she used to work with the WPT, has covered their events before, and knows her way around the back-halls at The Bicycle Casino, unlike Gonz, who gets kicked out when he goes there.

Sent an encouraging message to Robert G (who is not being covered by the WPT-CardPlayer junta) while typing this post regarding his 30k: You are definitely good enough to work with that. M=11? Please.

His response: 15k.

I suggested he shift into panic-and-pray gear, but he tells me he’ll find a spot to 1-2 punch his way out. Alas, I also told him yesterday that I was “rooting for him.” Oops … kinda forgot, as plenty of old Lodge players can attest … that’s kinda the kiss of death.

Vinnie Vinh Sighting

by , Aug 24, 2007 | 7:13 pm

Not in Oklahoma, but at the Bike in LA, where the main event of the WPT Legends of Poker just got underway. Tom is playing there, by the way, and for whatever it’s worth, he is an average stack and NOT my source on any of the info below. Let’s face it … Pokerati are everywhere, as they should be.

Anyhow, Vinnie Vinh is in da California hizzouse. Sources say:

Vinnie Vinh, aka the after guy, is alive and well, playing at the bike and looks remarkably healthy


Instapoker, Return of

by , Aug 6, 2007 | 9:38 am

LAS VEGAS–Just like old times … I’ve got so many super-fascinating browser tabs open I can’t keep up with them all. So please, allow me to unload:

The major tournament action underway is the LEGENDS of POKER at the BIKE in CALIFORNIA. Perhaps we’ll swing by …

MIKE MATUSOW, with his second-place finish in the main event of the BELLAGIO CUP III, is no longer broke. Apparently his $670k payday left him with 50 grand all to himself. In the real world this means he now qualifies for a loan. In the poker world it means he no longer does, unless he goes broke again.

DANIEL NEGREANU’s got a pretty good skill column this week, talking about manipulating table image to better reap the rewards of shifting gears. Hmm, something to think about?

From the Dept. of: Awesome … PHIL HELLMUTH will appear on The Surreal Life. Might an ass-kicking be inevitable, as he moves into a house with RANDY “Macho Man” SAVAGE, MISS CLEO, NANCY MCKIBBEN (who?), DABNEY COLEMAN, and the uber-pumped CARROT TOP.

BILL RINI, whom I consider an expert in matters of online cheating, has up a video that I thought was informational warning about a new form of MARKED CARDS circulating. But upon closer look, turns out to be just an ad hawking the illicit poker gear (compliments of GOOGLE).

Interesting (biased?) article here on what Google supposedly does to keep online poker seekers away from the bad poker sites.

Speaking of cheating … has anyone heard word of who might have been the high-stakes players allegedly swindled in major cheating scam at the BORGATA? Famed cheating consultant STEVE FORTE, of course, was one of the guys busted, even though he uses the journalist’s beloved excuse of “I was just working on a story!” Suddenly scary: the notion of tapping into hole-card cams.

Suddenly needed: a big-time poker security accreditation system?

Check it out … DUGGLEBOGEY is back to his old tricks sticks:

Earlier this year he had changed the stylings of PARPO and FISH to appear a little more slick and angry:

Glad to see the return of some more friendly faces.

Here’s a great article on the rise and fall of an ONLINE PRO — how you can go from $10k to $1.5 million and back down again. It coincides with a semi-related story about KaiBuxxe / RealAndyBeal — a 22-year-old Austrian and former MAGIC player who is tearing up the world of POT-LIMIT OMAHA.

And BRIAN TOWNSEND (aka “sbrugby”) — an online superstar turning to live games — is in the midst of a $3 million downswing. This according to his own blog. [via PokerKingBlog]

Dude, tell me about it … I’ve been running similarly bad:



Looks kinda like a PARTYGAMING stock chart, no?

SHANNON ELIZABETH was unable to play in the Victoria Poker Championships in AUSTRALIA … because she got carded at the door and didn’t have her ID. The male contingent of Pokerati has always wondered why ladies go anywhere without their license/passport/prescription.

Speaking of Australia, it may have slipped under your radar that the AUSSIES, along with CANADA and MACAU, have joined the WTO dispute against the UNITED STATES over the UIGEA. The beef started by ANTIGUA and BARBUDA seems to be growing some teeth, as others fighting against the chief enemy of AL QAEDA include COSTA RICA, INDIA, and … the EUROPEAN UNION. Think this fight isn’t about the future of international online economies as much as it is about poker?

A group called IMEGA continues to challenge the controversial internet law in court, and have their fingers crossed that a federal judge in New Jersey will issue a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER in September.

Speaking of lawsuits and court actions in September, attorney and PPA representative LEE ROUSSO has a hearing set for his suit, which challenges the Constitutionality of WASHINGTON STATE’s law that makes playing online poker a felony on par with CHILD MOLESTATION.

A CARIBBEAN BUSINESS CONGLOMERATE will be entertaining a bunch of AMERICAN CONGRESSPEOPLE in November to explain Antigua’s WTO stance, among other things. In attendance will be CHARLIE RANGEL (D-NY-Taxes) and BENNIE THOMPSON (D-MS-Homeland Security),

AMERICA ONLINE wants in on online poker. Or at least online SPORTS BETTING, as AOL has entered into an internet bookmaking contract with a GERMAN company, FLUXX, which will target punters in the UK.

A good article from the BRITISH PRESS here — describing the UIGEA as a “TROJAN HORSE” given to the European gambling industry.

Meanwhile, British online gaming company WILLIAM HILL says they are having a hard time keeping poker players, because the EUROS really want to take on the AMERICANS (at Bodog, for example).

Over in the PHILLIPINES, they have (finally) opened up a bar-and-grille with amateur Texas Hold’em tourneys (scroll down near the bottom).

The nightly non-wager Hold ‘Em tournaments at the Player’s Den hope to further sharpen the skills of the Pinoys in this ultimate mind game where we can eventually excel worldwide.

Mabuhay!!! Be proud to be a Filipino.

You may notice a lot of linkage today from this PokerKing guy. He has a lot of good stuff to read, including this article on why JERRY YANG is bad for ONLINE poker. Maybe maybe not, but I tend to agree with the wisdom of LOU KRIEGER, who recognizes that poker is a long-term game, and Yang couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s one of the more balanced takes on the JERRY YANG FOR PRESIDENT campaign.

Re: The Lowdown on the Bike

by , Apr 29, 2007 | 10:49 pm

LOS ANGELES–Oh, I almost forgot, one thing that I saw repeatedly at the Bicycle Casino that had me a little confused:

  • Calling clock on yourself? This happened in both the cash game and tournament … whenever players would find themselves facing difficult decisions and steeping into the tank, eventually, usually after 30 seconds or so, they would call out, “Clock.” Every time the dealer nodded in agreement. What’s up with this? I thought it was on other players to call clock — thereby giving the tanker 60 seconds to call, raise, or fold. Perhaps it’s done differently in California?

The Lowdown on the Bike

by , | 3:43 am

LOS ANGELES–So the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, Ca., really was an interesting place … and according to my research, I have concluded that, indeed, poker rooms would be good in Texas. (So there you have it, Texas legislators … you can now feel comfortable supporting legal poker in our state.)

The first joy was running into two people I know at the tables — one was a guy named “Paradox” … who had dyed his hair purple since I last played with him in Lake Tahoe. The other was Kaelaine (from PokerPages). Seriously, very cool how poker can bring people together from all over. Can’t wait ’til Texas becomes such a place. Beyond that, here is some of the other stuff that might interest you about The Bike:

  • Strangest buy-ins ever. As mentioned before, the max buy-in to the $2/$3 game was $100 (w/$150 rebuys). The max for $1/$2 was … get this … $40! For the $5/$10 it was $300-$500, which is at least tenable to start, but really, not sure on the rationale here for limiting the amount of money put on the table.
  • Amazing food. It’s all free of course, and it seemed a reason a lot of people went there. We’re not talking burgers and dogs … we’re talking Sushi, Italian, Teriyaki noodle stuff, quarter watermelons … fancy set-ups, and every table had at least one player chowing down.
  • Holy juice. The tournament I played cost $335. Of that, $291 went to the prize pool. $35 was the “entry fee” and $9 was a “service charge,” whatever that meant. In total, it comes out to a greater than 13 percent vig.
  • Mexican Poker. They had a whole little section — with four active tables — of something called Mexican poker. There was soccer being shown on the TVs near these tables (Go Chivas!), and most of the players, interestingly enough, were Hispanic. A few black guys and whiteys to boot, but they were clearly the donkeys in this game … which consisted of each player having three exposed cards in his/her hand. Lots of cowboy hats at these tables, too.
  • Not-so-great tourney blind structures. Half-hour levels were cool. But an average stack should never be a short stack! Especially halfway through the event. Just my $.02, though I kinda understand — West Coast offense required — when the tournament starts at 7:15 pm and finishes around 4:30 in the morning.

Oh, the other interesting observation — and this would be important for any on-the-fence Texas legislator to see — though The Bike was clearly hopping, it does so without changing the landscape of the surrounding community. It’s like just another building — albeit a big one — that happens to be nearby. But the super-super majority of citizens seem like they could care less about what’s going on inside. And really, that’s kinda a good thing, I would think.

Go California poker!

The Bike is run by fascists and sex offenders

by , Apr 27, 2007 | 12:46 pm

LOS ANGELES–It’s true. I got booted from the Bike last night. This likely won’t surprise those of you who know me. As for those of you who don’t know me: Hey, I’m Gonz. Here’s what happened:

Yesterday afternoon, Dan and I ventured to the Bike to play some cash until the $300 + 35 NL tourney was set to go off around 7:15. We both sat $2-3 NL, which, oddly, had a max buy-in of $100. Dan killed the game. Meanwhile, the game killed me. I ended up skipping the tournament in an attempt to work back into the black. I won’t bore you with bad beat stories, but the true nut-kick came when my bad beat jackpot was counterfeited on the river. So I went to the bar …