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Binion’s Golden Nugget BJ Tourney Update

by , Jul 12, 2008 | 12:31 pm

Tuscaloosa Hollywood Johnny is playing in a blackjack tourney at Binion’s, or maybe it’s the four queens … somewhere that isn’t the Rio. His first report:

“Won my first table! Now only have to win 3 more and I will be $25k richer!

Ah, yes, the end of Vegas desperation rituals kick in. But go TJ! Gamble-gamble!

Of “Lumps” & Englishmen

by , Jul 2, 2008 | 4:58 pm


Peter the Great

It had already been a wild and fun night in a loose 3-6 Omaha Hi-Lo w/ full kill game at Binion’s and I was about to call it a night at 4 a.m. when this drunk Englishman stumbled to the table with a fist full of chips. I could tell right away this guy was going to be interesting, and likely to give away his stacks.

Unsurprisingly, he proceeded to give away some of his roll. After one guy took a nice pot, the Englishman said, “You American lump!” and started cackling.

“A lump? What’s a lump?” asked the guy incredously.

“What’s your name?” the Englishman asked.

“Dave. Who are you?”

“Peter. Peter the Great.”

At some point later someone used a slang term. I can’t recall it at the moment, but a riled up Peter the Great responded, “We gave you the English language and you desecrated it. You don’t speak the Queen’s English.”

Robert, a Binion’s regular, chimed in with, “Is that the English queen or a drag queen?”

Peter the Great pointed his finger at Robert. “You don’t insult the queen. That’s one thing you don’t do.”

“Is Prince Charles going to be the king or are they going to pass him over?” Robert asked.

To which Peter the Great quipped, “We should put a man of great intellect in the position…like George W. Bush, shall’nt we?” And then he cackled.

Later, after continued banter between the Americans and the Brit, Peter the Great remarked how England was the greatest country in the world and had given the world the greatest culture.

“Like the Titanic?” asked Dave.

Peter the Great cackled. “The Titanic was built in Ireland!”

“Wasn’t there a problem with the rivets?” Dave asked.

“They were probably American rivets,” Peter the Great replied.  

More Team Pokerati

by , Jun 27, 2008 | 8:02 pm

poels_pokerati Another guy you may see representin’ at the tables: Pat Poels. Pat, of course, is the only two-time bracelet winner on the team. (Tom is just a “Friend of Pokerati” for now, while we haggle over contractual obligations.)

Not sure what Pat’s playing’ in now … probably $1,500 HORSE. He tried to qualify for the $50k — got close in some super-sats a coupla times, engaging in three chops for about $15k — but spent about $12k to win said $15k … so in the end, his satellite success just wasn’t enough to justify making up the difference.

Pat is a casino host at Casino Arizona and thinks he will be able to sneakily kick major ass in the $500 Casino Employee’s event (Event #55, starting July 7).

UPDATE: Pat was playing $1k PLO at Binion’s. Busted out about 20 minutes ago (@ 8:30 pm).

WSOP Knockoffs Thrive/Struggle

by , Jun 22, 2008 | 11:31 am

The Venetian was on to something when they created their Deep Stack Extravaganza series of tournaments. Not so shockingly, the low-stakes masses flocked to these events where you could compete against sizable fields will skill-rewarding starting stacks for hundreds, as opposed to thousands, of dollars.

This year, several casinos with an obvious love for poker tried something similar … but not all have found the same results. In fact, the Venetian itself was apparently struggling to fill their tables earlier this WSOP. A sign that, damn, poker really is waning? Not exactly …

The Caesar’s Palace MegaStack tournament series was giving more chips per dollar-buy-in than the Venetian … and lo and behold they took all their players. So the Venetian has reportedly responded by adding 2,500 more chips to their own Deep Stacks … and lo and behold, the players returned.

Meanwhile, downtown, the two big tournament series (they apparently call a series of tourneys “festivals” in Europe … I like that!) are the Grand Series of Poker at the Golden Nugget, and the Binion’s Poker Classic. Upon a quick spot-check at Binion’s $110 Seniors event yesterday, they seem to be doing fine. They are in their second year of doing this, of course, whereas the Golden Nugget is in their first … and struggling (with or without Montel Williams). Apparently several of their megasatellites have had less than two tables worth of runners, and don’t make … and a far cry from true “sit n gos” … even the single-table satellites are taking upwards of three hours to fill.

I don’t have full numbers on any of these events … but that’s the basic gist on summertime mini-WSOP’s:

Caesar’s — kick-ass according to all reports
Venetian — maybe not as good as before, but still pretty sweet
Binion’s — Binion’s is Binion’s; there’s always good tournament action even if some players steer clear of the high likelihood of an opponent spitting on the floor
Golden Nugget — tiny fields=tiny payouts; better luck next year?

2+2 has a great thread running down the daily Las Vegas tourney schedule all summer long.

Negreanu on the New-and-Improved (?) WSOP Final Table

by , May 14, 2008 | 6:30 pm

This is a little bit of old news, but I just watched it for the first time, and thought some of you who also might not have seen it yet would be interested in Daniel Negreanu’s very thorough and sober analysis of the WSOP’s delayed main event final table:

In it he reminds even yours truly about how close the World Series was to going out of business in 2004. He’s right, of course, even though I had completely forgotten about that.

Start/Stop the B-tching!

by , May 1, 2008 | 12:43 am

I wrote this post right after the 2007 WSOP, but I hadn’t pressed publish yet. With all the talk about structural changes and travel plans for the upcoming WSOP, now seem’s a good time for us to think about our (poker players’) behavior for the upcoming WSOP:

I have a request for all poker players. Anyone that wants to complain at the WSOP 2008, please STAY HOME! I don’t care how much dead money you bring to the tables, I don’t want to hear the yakking when I’m taking a leak.

At the 2007 WSOP, bitching was the theme. Here are just a few of the complaints that I heard.

• Harrah’s is making too much money. Have you seen how much juice they are taking out?
• The food is horrible
• The dealers are making too many mistakes
• It’s cold
• It’s hot
• The lines are too long
• The structures are too fast, too slow, too medium
• The walk is too long to the tournament area
• There are too many tournaments
• The cocktail service is bad.

Is that enough or should I keep going?


WIPHOF: Honor Thy Foremothers?

by , Jan 7, 2008 | 2:58 pm

Curious … we all know the regular hubbub over ladies events — are-they-discriminatory-or-not-and-who-cares-oh-look-there’s-a boy-in-a-dress-ok-cards-in-the-air. But am wondering if the ladies honored in this article about their forthcoming induction into the new Women in Poker Hall of Fame might find the CardPlayer hedline offensive. Because you know, Binion’s isn’t even like on the Strip, let alone a place you should expect to see Linda Johnson topless, right?

Aloha Poker

by , | 9:43 am

Certain serendipities seem to guide so many of us …

I just got a call from a myspace friend who is ready to ditch the Dallas poker scene and relocate to Hawaii. So she wanted to know if I knew of any games there. While flattered by the inference that I would be connected to a criminal enterprise in the middle of the Pacific ocean, I did not … however, just two days ago I played with a guy in a $200 Binion’s tournament who was from Hawaii — think Fubu with a really good tan and semi-Asian eyes — and he talked for at least an orbit about the underground games on Oahu and Molokai. So I know they exist, but that’s about it. Considering that he busted out early in level two — dude, do you really wanna get it all-in with top-pair-top-kicker, even if you are ahead? — I gotta think the games in the 50th United State might be decent. Does anyone know firsthand?

NOTE: Apparently when you suck out on someone to send them home, you should be saying “Aloha,” not “Mahalo.” Who knew!?!

UPDATE: Here’s probably a good place for non-police howlies to begin finding their way into the Hawaiian underground. For some reason I think they might know someone who knows someone …


by , Jul 1, 2007 | 11:25 am

LAS VEGAS–You guys are on your own today. I’m off to play in the monthly “Tournament of Champions” at Binion’s.

Yesterday’s $1,500 No Limit event had some RECORD ATTENDANCE — with 3,151 runners.

ERICK LINDGREN was not one of them … after winning his $340k golf bet:

All the other official tournament coverage for today here. I think somebody’s gonna win.

OK, gotta bolt … and play my historic-venue freeroll ass off.

2 AM Tournaments …

by , Jun 27, 2007 | 7:20 pm

LAS VEGAS–The Fat Guy came to town yesterday for a super-secret meeting. Fresh Princess had busted out early in the $2,000 Limit Hold’em event, and after spending some presumably soothing normal-people dinnertime hours with her kids, she joined us at a tucked-away Strip-casino coffee shop. International, worldwide Vegas poker types aside, there was also something comfort-foodish about three Texans sittin’ down over lattes talkin’ major-powerful bidness.

After formulating plans for recalibrating galactic travel infrastructures, Michele met up with her husband for some late-night cash action as I took TFG back to his luxury Binion’s abode. While it’s always good to be downtown — especially when Binion’s is running $20-a-night specials during the WSOP — we were a little disappointed to walk up and down Fremont Street in search of a cool, refreshing Milwaukee’s Best Light, but to no avail. We did, however, see Scotty Nguyen playing 25-cent slots at Binion’s, and despite being with a girl who must’ve been his niece — because she was really young and he hugged her a lot — he was happy to step away from his own personal action to pose for pictures with fans.

Eventually the Fat Guy had to go to bed … it was too late to check up on the action at the Rio, and Binion’s had a $70 non-bracelet event starting in four minutes …


Beyond the Table: Put Up or Shut Up

by , Feb 8, 2007 | 7:27 am

Episode 2.4.3

The Bluff Power Rankings vs. CardPlayer’s Player of the Year // Tom prepares for “Cash Poker,” a televised $25,000 buy-in ring game at Binion’s / Dan worries that Tom may lose because no-limit cash games aren’t his specialty // Psychoanalyzing Amarillo Slim’s mental state after his latest reported armed robbery / Tom’s childhood fondness for the 1972 champ // Reliable rumors on how the media set-up will work at the 2007 WSOP / Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan on press row // Tom’s Winning Wisdom: Integrity is Key

Click to listen (23 min, 21 meg)

aired live on Hold’em Radio 1-31-07

Text-by-Text Tourney Coverage

by , Dec 12, 2006 | 10:30 am

LAS VEGAS–Let’s be honest, I haven’t done shit tournament-wise throughout the entirety of 2006 … can’t remember the last time I cashed, and like seriously, what-da-fug’s a final table? And yet, somehow, the $300+40 “main event” of the Ultimate Poker Challenge at Binion’s on Sunday (not to be confused with Saturday’s $600+60 UPC Main Event, which was down to its final table of seven on the nearby TV stage) was my first tournament with a backer. CardPlayer wasn’t there to cover any of it, nor were any bloggers. But plenty of cowboys in town for the National Finals Rodeo were milling about. I noticed only one recognizable pro, and maybe two guys I think I’ve seen in Dallas before or maybe somewhere else and one player who apparently knew me, but anyhow, for multiple reasons I really wanted to do well. Here’s how it all shook down that gloriously brisk poker day, as relayed via the magic of digital telegram:

Dan M (12/10/06 3:15 pm): Ready to roll!

Como (12/10/06 3:27 pm): Sweet keep me updated!

Dan M (12/10/06 3:30 pm): Skinny asian kId Just mistook me 4 Carlos morteNson. Told him No Autographs right now.
[ed. note: not completely true]

Como (12/10/06 3:34 pm): Lol that’s worth the entry fee, its a freeroll now!

Jen (12/10/06 3:56 pm): Play well and good luck. luv u

Dan M (12/10/06 5:35 pm): Slightly below average at break. Shawo rice is only pro i have seen. [sic.]

Como (12/10/06 5:38 pm): Cool keep it up!

Dan M (12/10/06 6:56 pm): Slightly above average stack. 80 left. Level 6. Best hands have been 44 Aq aq ak.
[correction: 67 were left at this point]

Como (12/10/06 6:57 pm): Sweet how many pay?
[ed. note: 10 — about $10k for 1st, $500 for 10th]

TBR (12/10/06 7:23 pm): How many started?

Dan M (12/10/06 7:26 pm): 96 Started. 60 left. I have 3/4 avg. Stack. Damn hammer.

Dan M (12/10/06 8:16 pm): Super cold deck. Then a j. flop a j. tt calls. t on turn=super short stack.

Como (12/10/06 8:18 pm): Yuck! Keep grinding !

Dan M (12/10/06 8:21 pm): M=4. Push 89s. called by AK. 35Th ish place. Sorry Como. You suck at Picking horses.

Como (12/10/06 8:25 pm): Na sounds like you played good all you can do. plus its pretty cool someone thought you were carlos but you should have signed an autograph that would have been