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Chad Brown Memorial Tournament

by , Jul 9, 2014 | 12:54 pm

There are a few people who stand out in poker because they do things differently than most everyone else — in ways we all know we’d stand to benefit by emulating. Unfortunately, too often we don’t recognize that until these people are gone. Chad Brown will forever be attached to the Summer of 2014 for a bracelet he probably wished he didn’t have to win, and on Sunday is the farewell event open to players who want to remember poker is all about real life and real lives … and that’s what can make it so fun.

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Las Vegas 2012 Summertime Tournament Matrix

by , May 30, 2012 | 1:45 am

The WSOP isn’t just about the WSOP … you have tournament options of notable field sizes and different game varieties all across town. While Aria has opened an entire new section for dailies, Bellagio cleared a section for tournaments and TV cameras and Binions made way for more tables, too. There’s a summer “classic” at Wynn and the Deep Stacks Extravaganza is back at Venetian, while Golden Nugget and Caesars Palace gear up for the Grand Poker and Mega Stack series’ respectively.

Need help deciding what, when, and where to play throughout the summer? This handy spreadsheet breaks down all the big tournament action — with details on buy-in, blind structures, and rake so you can choose the best brick-and-mortar MTT.

Give Harrah’s Some Credit

by , Jun 26, 2011 | 2:50 am

Johnny Hughes


At the World Series of Poker, they announce the event and coveted bracelet winners and then play the national anthem of the country they come from. Play stops at all the cash games and the players stand and remove their hats. When an American won, my table stood with their hands over their hearts and sang. I looked out over that vast sea of poker players and was overcome by emotion. The song always gives me tingles but there was also a love and astonishment at how wonderful the playing conditions have become for this sport. Yes, it is a sport.

The players’ manners are terrific today compared to the past. Johnny Moss was known for being abusive to dealers. Puggy Pearson was worse. He pissed on one once. Another Hall of Famer, Joe Bernstein, bit a dealer.

I cannot sing enough praise for the poker management of Harrah’s. I had long conversations with Bill Sattler, Director of Poker, and aslo Jake Reville, Cathy Klufer, and Carrie Jacobs. For twenty years, I taught management subjects at Texas Tech. The magnificent professionalism of Harrah’s management makes me wish I could go lecture on how great they are. I played in the cheap no limit where you only buy $300. I’ve never lost at the Rio, but only played there seven times. I’m not trying to beat the best in the world anymore. I’m too old.


World Series of Vending

by , Nov 4, 2009 | 6:30 pm

Saw this truck parked downtown (next to Binion’s) this weekend. And not only did it finally teach me the proper/awkward way to spell and punctuate “Jack Link’s” Beef Jerky … but also it made me laugh seeing that the title sponsor of the 2009 WSOP is also a major sponsor of Snack Man!

(Seriously, how have JLBJ not chosen Darvin Moon to be “their guy” at the final table?)

Instant Replay in Poker?

Amateur championship tourney saved by railside cameras

by , Nov 2, 2009 | 5:49 pm

I just witnessed something pretty-dern interesting (new to me) … am at Binion’s for the World Tavern Poker Open 9, and saw for the first time instant replay used to help with a difficult floor situation.

WTP is one of the bigger amateur bar-leagues out there, and this is one of their two annual big kahuna championship tourneys. More than 10,000 bar-league players across the country competed for seats in this event, which started with a field of 188 … The top 8 all make the money … with prizes starting at $1,000 WSOP event entries, and $2,500 worth of WSOP dollars for the winner. They were down to 11 players when a dealer error almost seriously fugked things up.

Apparently it was a multi-way all-in, and at some point the dealer took a bunch of chips from one player to pay another … but he scooped in more than he was supposed to, and then mashed them all together. Floor got called over (Binion’s Monday afternoon TD, Alan, the guy in the Aikman jersey) and it was a bit of a nightmare sitch trying to recreate the hand to figure out who had exactly how many chips before and after the hand.

But tournament purity was salvaged when they could simply go to the cameras, and the floor guy could see exactly who had what and when:

They’re at the final table now … with eight plastic champagne glasses awaiting a toast for the money finishers once the bubble bursts … and because of cameras, all can know they did or didn’t get there fairly.

Brande Roderick Doing Poker Stuff

by , | 3:39 pm

Annie Duke’s Celebrity Apprentice friendmate Brande Roderick is apparently sticking with the poker thing in some capacity. A series of $100 tourneys at Binion’s over the next few months include a chance to qualify for a Tournament of Champions … and the winner of that gets to spend the Super Bowl with the business-savvy Playboy bunny:

LA Times: Poker One of 10 Biggest Things to Hit Vegas in Past 10 Years

by , Aug 11, 2009 | 10:38 am

The LA Times’ Las Vegas correspondent, Richard Abowitz, recently celebrated his 10th year covering Sin City … and in doing so he wrote up the biggest changes he’s seen in Vegas over the past decade. Along with the rise of clubbing Celine Dion, and the fall of OJ Simpson:

The power of poker

What happened to blackjack? It would be hard to assign a specific moment when the poker phenomenon took off. But what had been at best an obscure part of the casino, the poker room, became a magnet for tourists and the best players (unlike any other gamblers) became celebrities. The World Series of Poker, after years in dirty downtown Vegas at Binion’s, now is owned by Harrah’s and held at the far more styling Rio with highlights broadcast on ESPN.

“Far more styling”, of course, makes me chuckle … though I suppose it is technically accurate. And the one thing he didn’t include, which was probably super-impactful and happened almost exactly 10 years ago: the election of Mayor Oscar Goodman as LV’s partyer-in-chief.

Even More Poker Shows in the Works?

by , Aug 7, 2009 | 1:24 pm

What, is this like 2005 again? It’s like everybody and their dog wants to do poker-ish TV. I’m not so sure how these will work out, because they never responded to my inquiry … but then again, maybe they didn’t care for my resume and headshot submission: “ :)”

Anyhow, there was an interesting little poker job fair yesterday at Binion’s, with online recruiting efforts powered by Craigslist:

Talent and Production crew members needed for 4 poker television shows

Reply to:
Date: 2009-08-03, 1:30PM

The Poker Television Network is producing four brand new shows that will be filmed at Binion’s. I have listed each show below along with the talent needed. If you know poker and want in on a ground floor opportunity with a new television network please reply ASAP. We have productions starting in one week from today. I will be conducting interviews this Thursday at noon at Binion’s.

1. Wake up with Poker
Talent: Attractive male & female co hosts
Production: Camera People, Writer/News gatherer

2. Poker Talk Live
Talent: Band, co host, Future host
Production: Writer, Production Assistant, Camera People

3. Poker School
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

4. Strip Poker
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

Contact Dustin ASAP with your contact information and resumes. Production crew members, please supply a link to your work or bring a copy of your demo reel with you.

Location: Binion’s Casino
Compensation: Minimum of $10/hour

Original URL:

Hmm, they’re offering actual money, so that’s good. PokerNetwork247 seems to be the offspring of a low-stakes grassroots poker community in Colorado, headed up by some dudes who dig big boobs and NASCAR.

Thanks @johnharristtu for the heads-up. If I were less of a dick I probably woulda posted this sooner so others could take advantage of the info. But hey, really, Poker 24-7 … really?

Do Rails Slow the Game?

by , Jun 4, 2009 | 1:25 am

While watching the action at the $1,500 NLH event tonight, I’ve noticed the floor isn’t actively enforcing the rail, letting spectators get right up close to the action.

WSOP media director Nolan Dalla says this was commonplace in the old days of the WSOP down at Binion’s, and he thinks it actually helps to speed the game along as players make looser calls or bigger bluffs in order to impress the bystanders.

I’m not sure if Nolan’s theory is right or not, but if you look at the speed of final tables from 10 years ago vs. today, he may have an interesting point.

Tao of Pokerati: Aussie Rules Poker

by , Jan 12, 2009 | 6:53 am

In this special episode, I begin interviewing possible Benjo scabs should the Tao of Pokerati’s non-American correspondent go on strike and find none other than Garthmeister J sitting with a big stack during the first break in a $110, 100-player Binion’s tourney. Our favorite work-vacationing Aussie gets his jabs in, calling Benjo his favorite Tao of Pokerati personality “that crazy French guy on crank”, while learnin’ us on why American beer is like sex in a canoe and why Binion’s will always hold a special place in his poker heart.

Book 9: Coup d’ePoker (feat. Garthmeister J)
Episode 9.1: Poker on, Garth 4:24


Also, an extra-special guest appearance reminding us that Tao of Pokerati is the favorite poker podcast of former members of Public Enemy, and that black could theoretically be a foreign accent, too.

Explain This: Rounder vs. Bluff

by , Dec 12, 2008 | 6:09 pm

Seen last night outside the new cash game room at Binion’s:

The reason for this seeming disparity?

A. Bluff too deep and heavy for casual reading.

B. Bluff has superior distribution channels to keep its supply always well stocked.

C. National Finals Rodeo in town — not huge John Juanda fans.

D. First issue of Bluff with an article by Dan Michalski.

E. Rounder has a better rack.

RE: Really? 10-Year Anniversary of Stu’s Death (2)

by , Nov 22, 2008 | 5:42 pm

Today’s also the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, we should probably note. JFK was a little before my time, of course, but Stu Ungar (1953-1998) … his tragic end actually played a significant role in piquing my interest in the professional game. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, but something about his obit caught my eye … age 45, “of as yet undetermined causes” … you might argue that he was the first rock star of poker — with triumphant on-stage performances and a self-inflicted final exit, a la Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain.

I have this multi-drawer file I call Dead Story Office — not about the deceased, but full of notes and documents (from mostly pre-poker days) on stories that never quite came to fruition — and one of them: “World Series of Poker”. Though I didn’t quite see how it all came together (and in retrospect it couldn’t be more of an uh-duh observation) I was pretty sure Ungar had to be a major and fascinating character.

If you’ve got nothing better to do, click below to rummage through the manila folder where I’ve carried a guy I never knew with me through four homes and two external offices over the past 10 years:


RE: New Room at Binion’s

by , Nov 8, 2008 | 7:52 pm

Beyond just changing the decor, Binion’s is trying to make itself the go-to place for low-stakes grinders with good comps and a noticeable rake reduction. From AC’s Las Vegas Advisor:

The place that was poker before poker was cool has opened a new room. Binion’s has opened a 10-table room that advertises a max rake of $3 on all games, a comp rate of $2-per-hour, tableside food service, and special room rates for players. The room is located near the front of the casino on the old Mint (west) side.

New Room (Already?) at Binion’s

by , Nov 2, 2008 | 9:19 am

I knew the Binion’s poker room was getting an overhaul, but are they done already?

Apparently so, according to PokerGrump.

AllVegasPoker also has some new reviews and pics. The tournament room doesn’t look any different. But the new cash game area … looks plausibly impressive. For Dallas underground rounders, think Stagecoach meets the Carrousel:

Photo: AVP

Binion’s, as you may recall, won an Honorable Mention (4th Place) in Pokerati’s Best Poker Room in Vegas (just barely losing to Bellagio), and that was before they spruced the place up. Of course the lack of spruce has always had something to do with it’s appeal …

RE: Best Poker Room in Vegas

by , Sep 3, 2008 | 4:47 am

There are 50 poker rooms in Las Vegas, so we thought you might appreciate the assistance of fellow degenerates in narrowing down the possibilities of where to play when you come to town. The votes have been tallied … and four places stood out above the rest … In what may or may not become a recurring tradition around these parts, Pokeratizens say the Best Poker Rooms in Vegas are:

Gold Medal
The Venetian

Great regular tourneys, Deep Stack Extravaganzas, plenty of all-but-the-highest-stakes action, bottled Fiji water, and maybe the escalator that dumps off drunkenly clad party girls coming out of Tao right in front of The V’s poker room make it far and away the favorite of this website’s readers/players/dealers.

official site / TPA

Silver Medal
Caesar’s Palace

The separate tournament room really is cool, if not the best in town, and the comfortable multi-tiered cash game area never seems short of action appealing to the masses of big little-stakes players. Great freerolls for regular cash players, too.

official site / TPA

Bronze Medal

Still home to the biggest games in Vegas (in terms of buy-ins), thereby drawing the most pros and the players who want to challenge/sit near them. Everything Bellagio is always luxe, of course, and their regular $500 and $1k tourneys makes the chance to play for baller money an in-town constant.

official site / TPA