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The License Plate Prop Bet

Abbreviated hijinks for good, harmless fun?

by , Aug 5, 2010 | 11:19 am

This proposition payout doesn’t require big money, but done right, it could cost someone dearly. That’s what makes for such a fun, thrilling, high-impact wager … yet without the risk of body scarification or indentured servitude:

The License Plate Bet
Winner gets to choose the loser’s license plate for a set period of time.

Simple, poignant, highly visible … up to 7 characters that if clever enough could stick with your opponent in a way that brings shame and embarrassment for years to come! But because the DMV has final approval, no worries about being tagged with something not-so-funny like HERPES or IH8NGRS.

Suggestions to start you thinkin’ about your glorious inverse-vanity payday …


WSOP License Plate Leftovers

by , Aug 2, 2010 | 6:06 pm

The WSOP may be over and the vanity plates dispersed across Vegas and Southern Cali, but we still have lotsa leftover pics from the Rio’s summertime parking lots (and others around town) … providing a unique glimpse of the poker players populating America’s roadways.

Yep. Standard raise:

We know this Bentley belongs to David Williams — am extra-smooth ride befitting a WPT World Champ for the long haul from Panorama Towers.


License to Shill

by , Apr 26, 2008 | 3:33 am

There are probably more personalized license plates in Las Vegas than anywhere else per capita. Perhaps because they only cost $36, or because so many people in this town are totally full of themselves. I’m being serious — at any given stoplight not on the Strip, you can expect to see at least a fourth of the cars labeled with the likes of KITZKAT, CIRQUE, NO CASH, TJQKA, and BLOGHME.

Hmm, I have to get a new Nevada license plate … I have $36 … and the Nevada DMV has a fun web-thingy for checking availability of your vanity phrase. You’re limited to 4-7 alphanumeric characters (but no zeros), so POKERATI is out. But some available possibilities to consider: