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Hollywood Juice

by , Dec 23, 2007 | 11:49 am

While much of Hollywood continues to be shut down due to the ongoing writers’ strike, people like Brittany and Jamie Lynn Spears keep us entertained with their dysfunctional lives. It’s the trainwreck that you can’t look away from… But let’s move on to stars playing poker.

Mekhi PhiferIt seems that Mekhi Phifer, currently starring on E.R., likes poker more than the occasional celebrity tournament. He recently held a family Christmas party at his home for 80 people, and a poker game was the big attraction. He even put up the grand prize – two tickets to the Bahamas. For those not invited (like me, can you believe it?), Phifer can be seen in the recently released film, This Christmas, in which he starred and produced.

Early 2008 is the scheduled air time for a BET special called Black Poker Superstars that was recently filmed at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Stars like Nelly, Anthony Anderson, Orlando Jones, Eddie Griffin, and Mekhi Phifer played in the poker tournament, and Matt Savage served as the tournament director. Poker pro David Williams also attended and provided commentary for the show. Top finishers donated their prize monies to various charities.

Actor Kevin Hart noted, “I have grown a passion for the game. I would love to get to the point where I can rub elbow with David Williams and Mike ‘The Grinder’ in tournaments, and they can say, ‘Hey, this guy is a good player.’”

Recently, Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy back to Australia and wanted to play some real poker during the trip. His management called Crown Casino and requested a game with Joe Hachem, who obliged. In return, Timberlake gave Hachem’s daughters front row tickets to his concert.

Finally, the long-discussed movie about Amarillo Slim is finally in pre-production. Writer Christopher Wilkinson, who also penned Nixon and Ali has secured Nicholas Cage as the lead actor to play Slim. The film is an adaptation of Slim’s book, “Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People: The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived” and will be titled, strangely enough, Amarillo Slim.

WSOP Academy Hosts Main Event Camp

by , Jul 3, 2007 | 8:57 pm

LAS VEGAS–The WSOP Academy started their main event camp today at Caesar’s Palace. For $2200, participants will be able to pick the brains of Phil Hellmuth, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Joe Hachem, Scott Fischman, Alex Outhred and more. Registrants will have the opportunity to play with the pros and have them critique their play. Three long days of camp will also include a seminar with FBI Agent Joe Navarro and ends with a private tournament for a seat into the main event.

Not only did I go on to cash after attending the Ladies camp in June, a fellow happy camper, Sally Boyer, took down a bracelet!

Interested in a scholarship? Send the WSOP Academy a note on why you think it could take you to the next level.

Preparing For Your Next Tournament

by , Jun 12, 2007 | 11:44 am

LAS VEGAS–The WSOP Academy hosted their first All Ladies Camp at Caesar’s Palace this past weekend. A sold out crowd of 100 women listened, played and learned from Annie Duke, Karina Jett, funny man Alex Outhred, Joe Navarro and even a surprise visit from the very sexy Jennicide. There was a vast range in players either looking to learn the basics or sharpen their skills and all seemed to benefit from Navarro’s body language seminar. I know I advanced in some areas (although it didn’t seem possible since I’m the 6,432,243,328 smartest person in the world). In fact, immediately following the Academy I entered the ladies WSOP event and focused on my game like a turkey dodging Thanksgiving. Seriously, I used Navarro’s tells to read, Karina’s advice on flirting, Annie’s reminder’s of the math and Alex’s words of wisdom on staying focused.

I would have posted on this yesterday but I was busy cashing in the WSOP thanks to this camp’s wonderful reminders.

Upcoming camps during the World Series will not only include Joe Navarro but also main event winners Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem and WSOP Master Phil Hellmuth with a private tournament for a 10k main event seat, VIP Party at Pure Nightclub and banquet.

Freshie WPT Update

by , Apr 23, 2007 | 10:56 pm

I spoke with both David Levi and Steve Wong this evening for their updates which you can view on CardPlayer. David was not excited about ending day1 with 25k in chips but worked hard to finish today with 230,000k in chips and Steve Wong is rocking the Fontana in 4th with 476,000 bones! They both humbly said they were feeling good about their play but knew they had a long way to go. Two of my favorite Bellagio Sports Bar friends Amir Vahedi & Freddie Deeb are tied for 23rd with 240,000 in chips.

The Donkey Bomber is not only in 14th place tonight but CardPlayer even mentioned his name! Go Tom, more from you Dan/Karridy.

Fellow Houstonians, Sammy Farha is 9th with 345,000 and John “whadayagonnado boys” Bonnetti is hanging in there with 30k.

Other notables still in are Joe Sebok, Phil Ivey, Lyle Berman, Andy Black, Tran and Chan and Barney Boatmaaaan. But leading the pack is one of the greatest players in the world, Phil Hellmuth with 528,100 (don’t lose that 100 dollar chip, Phil).

Sadly Marcel Luske, Gavin Smith, Joe Bartholdi (who told me Friday he was ready to play this tournament) and Doyle Brunson have been eliminated.

And last but not least…The Ladies or as Wicked Chops Poker would say…crazy bitches.
Newcomer Anna Wroblewski leads the women with 350,000 in 7th place with Vanessa Rousso behind her in 53rd stacking up 115,000. Other ladies holding their own are Isabelle Mercier, Melissa Hayden, Erica Schoenberg, Jennifer Harman, Liz Lieu (who won her seat in a satellite), Kathy Liebert and Kristy Gazes.

Good luck to all and to all a good night.

Re: Year of the Blogger?

by , Jul 3, 2006 | 9:53 pm

LAS VEGAS–Yesterday’s $2,500 short-handed NLHE final table was a good one, to say the least. Seeing Joe Hachem contend for a second bracelet is the sorta thing we want from our previously unheard of poker champions, right? He joins Greg Raymer in providing validation that poker in the New Millenium — the game we all spend way too much time with — really is a game of skill … skill that can be learned, honed, and developed by the, er, Average Joe.

But still … Hachem doesn’t have a blog. Dutch Boyd, however, does.

So congrats, Dutchy! Sure, a lot of bloggers have given you grief about that “youthful indiscretion” where a bunch of people lost money and your girlfriend got boobs, but hey, that’s in the past. You’re a champion now! And a blogger champion! So seriously, you’re my favorite blogger — always have been. 2006 Baby!

Further evidence that this is the blogger’s year — the Hammer is coming more and more into play. PokerDonkey sends along word of one particular hand:

From the $1500 pot limit event on Friday:

Can Kim Hua raises to $60,000 preflop and Rafe Furst smooth calls. The flop comes Q77 and Hua bets $55,000. Furst makes the call and the turn is the 3. Hua checks and Furst bets $53,000. Hua raises enough to put Furst all in and Furst immediately calls, showing AA. However, Hua turns over the powerhouse hand of 72 and Furst is in need of an ace on the river to stay alive. The river comes out the A and the crowd around the final table erupts. Furst catches a full house on the river to double up and stay alive.

Wow, the Hammer almost cracked aces, as it is designed to do. If Can Kim Hua had a blog, he woulda won the hand.