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Hard Rock Aggro-Courting High-Stakes Cash Action

by , May 31, 2010 | 8:56 pm

Holy fugk, I can already tell … this summer in Las Vegas is going to be an absolute mosh pit of poker … where are my steel-tipped boots I never had?

I knew the Hard Rock’s High Stakes Cash Game was in the works but wasn’t sure what would come of it — as the first thing required for a game of this size is players! I’ve sent my overseers @HardRockPoker a message inquiring who they know will be there. Will pass on info when I find out.

This Friday
June 4th at 7PM

Hard Rock Poker Lounge
Las Vegas

Come play the high stakes cash game
on the first Friday of each month.
Buy-in is $20,000 to $50,000.
Blinds are $25 and $50.

Also wonder if this game will have $50 splash pots like we’ve got in our 1/2 NL/PLO to stimulate action, lol. (Remember, if The Maven makes a huge raise on a hold’em splash pot, you should probably call with J-10 or better … and if you don’t know the answer in the song game, your best bet is either Britney Spears or Cheap Trick.)


Pokerati Tourney Added to Savage/Hard Rock Series

Scott Fischman hosts mixed-game event, too

by , May 20, 2010 | 10:55 am

As the California State Poker Championship rages on at the Commerce (with cool trophies, gotta say), tournament director Matt Savage’s return to Vegas for an LV Poker Series at the Hard Rock has taken final shape. The series itself will now be called the Detox Poker Series. And Event #12 will be Pokerati NL/PLO.

click to view the whole schedule

It’s a $230 no-limit hold’em / pot-limit omaha event, with a single $200 rebuy. Gee, sounds like a typical night for yours truly at the Pokerati game.

Takes place at 5 pm on Wednesday, August 18.

The 1 pm that day, btw, is a $230 NL … with no rebuys but a $50,000 guarantee. (A Matt Savage guarantee, mind you, not an old-way Hard Rock guarantee … seriously, the new bosses there really seem to have turned things around, and intend to prove their stuff during the WSOP.)

The Pokerati NL/PLO event will qualify for CardPlayer Player of the Year standings, too. (As will all the events in the Detox Poker Series.)


Texas Woman Wins Second WSOP Circuit Ring

by , May 16, 2010 | 1:22 am

It’s not often a WSOP Circuit event catches our eye, particularly when the final table is fighting for the lion’s share of a $20k prizepool. But Event #10 in New Orleans, the last Circuit stop of the 09/10 poker year, was special, as Daphne “Tweety” Turner beat Allen Kessler to win the $300+40 Mixed Games event.

It was a $6,700 score. But more notably about her NOLA victory:

1. She becomes the first woman to win two circuit rings. (Watch out Dwyte Pilgrim.)

2. She’s from Texas; Richmond to be exact, a big town in the sticks just outside of Houston. (Go Texas!)

3. She beat @AllenKessler heads-up; with all due respect to the Chainsaw, seeing
our favorite Vegas nit finish second makes “Tweety’s” victory even better. (Wonder if she got that nickname before or after the creation of Twitter.)

4. The event she won was a 7-game mix, or as I like to think of it as of today, HORSE+Pokerati … or the Pokerati Game+HORSE. (No-Limit Hold’em and PLO are the two added games.)

Here’s Turner’s interview after her win … the first woman to win two circuit events … and someone you might wanna be a little careful of should you see her at your table:

Don’t Forget: Pokerati Game this Week

+ Proper pot-rounding in PLO

by , May 11, 2010 | 10:44 pm

PLO can be a wicked temptress and a sexy bitch.

Supposedly the Pokerati Game made on its own this past Tuesday around midnight, with @MattCWaldron duking it out into the wee hours with an unusually drinky Rex the Bald PLOcal. Not sure how the stacks ended up, but from what I hear it was some of the most vigorous song-game action the room had seen in a long time. (The Hard Rock background music tends to shift to nuevo-hip hop and variety metal during late hours, and then late-late pre-sunrise it’s a lot of classic rock.)

At last week’s game, I was pretty unhappy because things were going well until I put myself in my first difficult spot of the night. After I failed to hit my 4-outer running it twice, @JaKatkin tweeted:

And @pokerati’s implosion has begun.
10:47 PM May 6th via TweetDeck

Asshole! Katkin clearly had a read on me, as he sat to my left watching my stack dwindle post-tweet to zero, at which point I rebought and re-lost yet again. (How did he know!?!)

That was also the first week we played with officially published rules. However my one copy I had at the table got ruined when a drunk (but good player … think he mighta been a Mavenite) spilled my glass of champagne all over the nicely printed document en route to his seat in the game.


Prettying up the Pokerati Game

Drinky tourists, the Maven, and Shaun Deeb (?)

by , Apr 22, 2010 | 12:51 pm

The Best Low-stakes Game in Vegas* (according to!) needs help making a better logo for the tables.

The Pokerati Game at the Hard Rock — 1/2 NLH/PLO, starting Thursdays at 7 pm — is really starting to catch on. People are coming in and sporadically asking about it throughout the week, and I’ve had players from the Bike, the Commerce, and the Borgata all inquire about when their hometown poker room is gonna start spreading it — half-and-half the way we like to play it.

Last week was a particularly fun game, thanks to Dan R, a longtime Pokerati reader from Dallas who happened to be in town for an annual Vegas get-together with friends from Chicago who happened to play NLH/PLO round-of-each in their home game.

They wanted to play bigger at 2/5, but I insisted on keeping it small. (I have my reasons. Will explain later.) They all bought in for the $400 max, and several busts and rebuys later, the stacks were unusually big. Once they ordered their second round of Patron, the Vegas vultures uber-nitty low-stakes locals began to swarm, filling up the interest list. We almost made two tables — were just one or two players short. Oh well, maybe soon …


Pokerati Game at the Hard Rock: $1/$2 NLH/PLO

The Best Low-Stakes Action in Vegas!

by , Apr 14, 2010 | 7:30 am

OK, that subhed might be geographically presumptuous and/or mathematically hard to prove. But hey, that’s how it goes in PLO! So allow me to do a little live poker pimping …

As twitter followers know, I’ve been hosting a new-ish game at the Hard Rock here in Las Vegas. 1/2 no-limit hold’em/pot-limit omaha. While there are plenty of 4-8 mixed games around town, there are, perhaps surprisingly, few if any low-stakes half-and-half games — and none where players have the option of running it twice. So in an effort to create what Dan personally wants to play top-quality action that serious amateurs, local grinders, and late-night drunks can’t find elsewhere in LV, you can now help your poker evolve by playing:

What: The Pokerati Game: 1/2 NLH/PLO (round of each)
When: Thursdays 7pm-? or upon request
Where: Hard Rock Poker Lounge
Buy-in: $100 min/$400 max
Who plays: Nitty locals, Euro-tourists, Action Junkies, Poker media geeks, loose-aggressive douchebags, off-duty Vegas dealers, disciples of Isildur1

We know you all know hold’em, but if Omaha’s not yet your game, check out this video of how gloriously painful PLO can be:

That comes from F Train’s assessment of poker’s #2 game. And across the pond, where they play it more frequently, our ole Betfair pal Marcus Bateman has his own strategy thoughts on the situational EV of running it twice.