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Hi-Tech Pseudojournalism Comes to Winstar

by , Aug 25, 2007 | 9:56 pm


THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Woo-hoo, it works! Yep, it took some sore thumbs and a little extra money to Cingular to make things happen, but I am blogcasting semi-live from my laptop in the WinStar poker room. Still have a few kinks to deal with … for example, it’s hard to find a power outlet in this giant tent. (Quick aside … the WSOP might want to consult with the Chickasaws when it comes to building super-big, functional, well air-conditioned poker tents.) Anyhow, it’s a bit longer of a walk to the WinStar casino entrance on a Saturday evening. Our unscientific license-plate spot-check of the parking-lot action north of the Red River:

Texas – 124
Oklahoma – 3
Louisiana – 1
Ontario (Canada) – 1
Missouri – 1
Illinois – 1

They’re getting near the bubble in Day 3-Day 1 of the Red River Roundup. Forty-six players remain, and today they’re playing down to 34. Greg Raymer and Kido Pham both went out early. No other “big names” remain … but we’re about to take a walk on the other side of the ropes to see if we don’t recognize anyone.

UPDATE: Nope, hardly recognize a remaining soul. Across the way in the cash games, however, is another story, where dealers and players alike look familiar … almost like an old higher-stakes Rounder Club tourney at the old P-room! I’m sure there are some good players left in the field, it will just take us a bit to learn who they are. (And hey, one of these days, the Chickasaws may even let us take pictures!)

My Horse Is Out :(

by , | 4:24 pm

Lodge and Rounder Club alum Chuck Pettigrew has been eliminated relatively early in Day 3-Day 1 of the Red River Roundup at Winstar. I didn’t even get to see him play, so I am sure he is wondering if he is going to get the $100 for the 8 percent of him I bought. Sure, he has delivered already on his 8 percent of $0 … but from what I have learned from so many “big name” pros out there, when you make these sorts of deals, you see, you don’t really have to pay … at least not right away. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck, had you made it into the money, or even built up a healthy chip stack, I’d be right by your side cheering you on, all the way to the cashier’s cage!

Better luck next time, sucker.

UPDATE: Chuck did have the pleasure of getting seated next to Kido Pham. That was presumably fun … at least for a few hours.

TBR is out

by , Aug 24, 2007 | 6:08 pm

That’s really all there is to it. He got some chips and then lost them. “You gotta win your races,” he said.

UPDATE: They are down to about 100 players, and Merkow, Randack, and Sanbob all appear to be out, too. Vandy Krouch is still alive but nursing a tiny stack.

One player still alive with about 20k I know I know but I can’t seem to place his name. He keeps saying, “Hi Dan,” when I walk by and asks me how “our guys” are doing.

“Dude, you’re the last man standing. Dude.”

Feel semi-assy for not knowing. And though I’m sure he’ll be only minorly bummed when he doesn’t see his name on the internet, I don’t want to disturb his game by saying, “Sorry, man … you look familiar, but no clue about your name … I used to smoke a lot of pot.”

For the record, by the way, it’s really tough to live-blog without the internet!

UPDATE: La Sengphat and her “honey” DC both busted out early today. Flopping two-pair to a set repeatedly can do that to you. Dallas poker seems to be getting its ass KICKED today!

Oklahoma Poker Is OK

by , | 4:12 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Some chip counts from the Red River Roundup, Day 2-Day 1:

TBR – 10k
Gregg Merkow – 20k
Webber Kang – 3500
Robert “Sanbob” Sanchez – 3k
Jerry Randack – 2500

UPDATE: Webber is out. Now playing 5/10 nlh.

Spot-check of license plates on my walk from the parking lot:

Texas – 92
Oklahoma – 9
Kansas – 1

In the cash room:

Omaha games running – 2/5 and 5/10 PLO
Full 5/10 NLH tables – 4
Number of players in the smoke room playing for their very first time – 2
Amount one of these players is up playing 4/8 – $840


by , | 12:37 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–No internet north of the Red River, or at least not at WinStar, where the first of three Day 1s in the $1 million NLH tourney concluded shortly before midnight yesterday. We’ll try to keep you posted from now through the final table, but can only promise so much with two-thumb typing.

Red River Roundup, Day 1 report:

– Event is sold out. 1,000 players. Double last year’s field.
– 333 played yesterday, of which 33 remain and will convene on the other side of the bubble on Sunday.
– Josh Evans and TJ Cloutier both advanced.
– So did Troy “Darling” Phillips. (Go Batfaces!)
– Marco Palacios went out near thw bubble.
– Avg. stack is 50k. Chip leader has about 150k.
– Media coverage is kinda new to WinStar. They haven’t figured out yet whether or not to allow photos.
– New poker room here is very nice.

Day 2-Day 1 has gotten underway. Favorites include Kido Pham and Randy “The Big Randy” Brown. Greg Raymer supposedly plays tomorrow.