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Betting on Winstar/Harrah’s

by , Aug 18, 2008 | 5:11 pm

As Dan has informed me, my gambling has become a problem. However, the compulsive gambling that I’ve been accused of takes place nowhere near a casino. And quite honestly, in this game of roulette, I’m betting on the house.

Pokery Domains I own… And, yes, would consider selling 😉

*** Oklahoma Poker ***
REDRIVERROUNDUP.COM/.NET – I don’t think Winstar abandoned this one after the rebranding. I’m thinking they never thought to buy it.
WINSTARBLOG.COM – Not bad. I actually know the guy who bought,.net, etc. He’s somewhat to blame for my addiction.

*** WSOP/Harrahs ***
THENOVEMBERNINE.NET,.CO.UK,.INFO,.ORG,.TV – Not sure why somebody doesn’t buy all versions of the domain. Didn’t they learn anything from the ownership battles?


RE: The River Gets Underway

by , Aug 17, 2008 | 12:29 pm

Defending Champ: Sure, I may have gotten lucky on the river, but hey, I had the best hand going in!

So what do you do after beating TJ Cloutier to win $230k? That’s not exactly lottery money, after all — especially after taxes — but it was enough to (kinda) change the life of Vik Vijay, the Oklahoma poker dealer who won the 2007 Red River Roundup (now called, more elegantly Oklahoma-y, The River) and then delivered on his post-victory promise to quit his job and move to Las Vegas with highly energized bankroll in hand. Since then:

hey dan –
yeah, im headed down to winstar next week to defend – ive got the last starting day – thursday the 21st. hopefully it will go well. the last year has been interesting – i moved to vegas and have mostly been playing. i worked at the venetian this summer, dealing poker for their summer tournament set, but they didnt keep any of us on for anything regular. the poker has been going well, but i really got to lay off the blackjack. other than that, life is pretty good.

-vik vijay.

The River Gets Underway

by , | 11:27 am

wingirls2 I think cards are already in the air for the pseudo-shootout River Tournament at WinStar in Oklahoma. Alas, I am not there … am still in Vegas as the first of five groups of 300 players play down to 30.

Though this is not yet confirmed, we think with 1,500, a $2,000 buy-in, and a guaranteed $3 million prize pool that this might-well be the biggest non-WSOP event at $2,000 or more in the history of ever. At a minimum, it’s the biggest event of the year for Texas poker — and Oklahoma poker, too, of course. Was hoping I’d be able to make it back to glorious Thackerville to bring you some WSOP-style coverage of this biggity poker hoedown, but it just doesn’t seem likely.

Last year’s runner-up TJ Cloutier starts today. I’m sure lots of other players we know and love are also there — in fact, if anyone has any updates, be sure to let us know. (Send me an email if you want me Ed to set you up to CSR from the felt/rail.)

Also, last I heard, today is sold out, but 140 seats overall remain. I gotta imagine they’ll fill up if the WinStar is still running single-table satellites … and I know at least two Dallas poker rooms are running sats, so …

Oklahoma Is More than OK

Biggest Event of the Year in North-North Texas

by , Aug 12, 2008 | 8:40 am

Paul in Dallas sends along some info about the upcoming River Touranment in Winstar, Oklahoma. (OK, technically it’s Thackerville, but Winstar is what puts this border town on the map, so …)

As for the River tourney, I’ve been up several times during the months of “qualifying,” and it has been fairly impressive. More impressive is the price you can get for your seats, nearly full price. I won a single table satellite and was able to sell the chip on Craig’s List for $1900 (buyin is $2100). The rake they’ve been able to steal on many satellites has been most impressive- they have been running big tournaments each month ($400+40) for seats, which isn’t too obscene at 10%, but they have been been running $55 single table sat’s to those tournaments, 10 to a table, with winner taking a seat ($440 value) and the house keeping the other $110. And yet people keep playing them.

Not sure if you’ve been kept abreast of the Winstar goings-on, but they did start serving liquor during the summer, and it has changed weekend play considerably. Many tables running 24 hours from Thursday to Monday morning each week. Squishy soft.

Wow. Damn. I did not know. Go WinStar! Should be interesting to see how this $3 million tourney plays out. Would expect to see a virtual who’s who of Texas poker contending.

(Last year, you may recall, this event was called the Red River Roundup and had a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, in which Vikram Vijay of Oklahoma defeated TJ Cloutier heads-up, making it seem a little bit like an old-fashioned version of the WSOP main event for both of them.)

RE: UB, It’s Time to Show Some Respect …

by , Jul 22, 2008 | 3:19 am

Jen, I was just doing a little research on the upcoming Red River Roundup — recently retitled to the Winstar World Championship Series / The River — and I noticed that Annie Duke is one of the hosts (along with Greg Raymer and Norm Hitzges) … and in their promotional stuff, she’s not wearing any UB.

I’m sure she has almost nothing to do with this — most likely Greg told her it was a good tourney, she was happy to accept a check to show up, and the Winstar’s web people ganked an old PR image off the internet — but still, just found it interesting to see her out of UB uniform. Also interesting to see a Kahnawake squaw working with the Chickasaw. Historically these two nations never battled, but I don’t think you would ever see a Cherokee dude like Scotty Nguyen make the tribal crossover.

Red River Roundup Roundup

by , Aug 27, 2007 | 12:05 pm

I’ll try not to overdo this as Dan has posted much on this past weekend’s tourney; but I did want to give a quick summary of my tournament and a review of the tournament and casino at large.

First, my tournament. I made it into level 7, a little more than halfway through the day. I had a good starting table, with several players limp-calling and nittily letting there chip stacks dwindle away. The only problem was that through the first break (after level 4) we hadn’t busted a single player at my table; at the same time, almost half the starting field on our day 1 was gone. As a result, there were not as many chips for the taking. Even still, I was at 8400 (average of 6200) and feeling pretty good. I have not played a MTT since the Main Event (subject of a to-be-written post entitled “Supernova, or, how to donk away a money finish in the Big One”), and I was a little loosey-goosey early, but I managed to level it out and felt pretty good with a pretty good table image.


Vikram wins, Cloutier deflated by two-outer
Oklahoman beats Texan in $1 million Red River Roundup at WinStar

by , Aug 26, 2007 | 10:40 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–TJ Cloutier made a raise, and Vikram Vijay folded 2-7o face-up. Greg Raymer, announcing the action, says, “Folding the Hammer.” I think I was the only one cheering on the inside … not for the fold, but for the Raymer recognition. (Otis must have taught him well.)

On the very next hand, they got it all-in … Cloutier had A-J, an Vijay called with 3-3. An ace came on the flop … no straight or flush draw on the turn … and congratulations to the New Yorker-cum-Oklahoman Vikram Vijay, who wins the 3rd annual Red River Roundup with a red 3 on the river.

Perhaps just as it should be?

Red River Roundupdate: The Final Table

by , | 9:39 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–The final table is set, Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” is playing over the PA, and there are two topics of conversation as players take their seats … Arnie Block’s friends were telling him to push for a chop — “I know, I will!” — while Brian Horton from Richardson wanted to know if CardPlayer knew about this tournament and would be counting it toward Player of the Year points. “It’s a million-dollar prize pool and should count,” he said.

Indeed, it should. (But will CP stop caring about events where they are not the exclusive semi-live coverage provider?)

UPDATE: Arnie, despite having the hugest cheering section (four people) chanting, “Ar-nie! Ar-nie!” went out in 10th place. $20,000.

Though as I’m typing there was already a huge 3-way all-in that created some dramatic shifts in chips, here’s who and how the final table started:

TK …

Red River Roundupdate: Goin’ Deep

by , | 5:00 pm


Vikram Vijay, wielding a big stack throughout the day, hanging on to the chip lead, and not afraid to get up and ask Greg Raymer for an opinion on how a hand played out.

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–It’s getting kinda exciting … 21 players left, and into the real money. Average stack is 238k, and TJ Cloutier has about 300k.

UPDATE: TJ just knocked out someone and increased his stack to more than 500k

The chip leader is Vikram Vijay, who has 650k (after losing an AK vs. QQ all-in). Believe it or not, we’ve actually got pictures … or at least I do. But the duct-taped internet connection here means we may or may not be able to share them.

UPDATE: While all the action was going on above at TJ and Arnie’s table, Vikram accumulated an even bigger chip lead, with 1.4 million in chips. “Vik” is an Oklahoman, trying to do his nation-state proud … as he reportedly is a dealer at the Fire Lake Casino in Shawnee, OK, just east of Oklahoma City … in the Potawatomi Nation. Go Indians!

Eleven players left … and hand-for-hand action has begun.

Red River Roundup Payouts

by , | 3:00 pm

1st – $230,000
2nd – $120,000
3rd – $70,000
4th – $50,000
5th – $40,000
6th – $35,000
7th – $30,000
8th – $25,000
9th – $22,500


Red River Roundupdates: Field Wilting

by , | 2:52 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–North Texas player Abteen Vaziri just said now that I know his name I can delete it. He is out. He wins $2,500 for finishing in 55th place. Much of Abteen’s recent success has come from study of Joe Navarro’s book on tells. But he misread a pulsing neck vain for weakness when in reality it was pocket queens.

Sorry dude.

Looks like it’s up to Josh, Troy, and/or TJ to do the Dallas gamers (whose names Pokerati knows) proud.

UPDATE: Troy “Darling” Phillips is out. He got pocket jacks on the button and raised. The ever-aggressive big blind pushed all-in … Troy called … and would learn the sad news that he was up against aces. Ouch!

50th place. $3,000. Still, nice job by the Batfaces favorite sugar daddy curly haired representative. It’s only a matter of time before he runs out of money makes another final table.

UPDATE: Josh Evans also appears to be out. Turned away for a second and his table was gone … and he couldn’t be found elsewhere in the field.

Interestingly enough, while Kido Pham and Greg Raymer were brought out here (and presumably bought in) by WinStar … TJ Cloutier simply showed up on his own and plunked down $1,100. Definitely not a charity event for him. And to think, they don’t even have craps in Oklahoma. Can we say positive EV?

With 45 players left and blinds at 4k/8k+500, Cloutier has about 165,000 chips. Average stack is 111,000.

UPDATE: Just learned that Cloutier was bought into this event by a heretofore unnamed military-ish backer in Dallas … who has 50 percent of the poker hall-of-famer.

Open Borders

by , | 1:48 pm

danutz.JPGTHACKERVILLE, Okla.–Still anybody’s game in the WinStar tourney. Though in the parking lot, the Okies seem to be mounting a comeback. Our unscientific license-plate spot-check today:

Texas – 184
Oklahoma – 14
Pennsylvania – 1
South Dakota – 1
Kansas – 1
Missouri – 1
Mexico D.F. – 1

Red River Roundupdates

by , | 1:35 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Down to 61 players. Average stack is about 80k. Chip leader has about 300k. Blinds are 3000/6000+500. A few chip counts that Pokeratizens might care about:

Abteen Vaziri (the “dude” whose name I couldn’t remember on Friday) – 90k
Troy Phillips – 80ishk
Josh Evans – 60k
TJ Cloutier – 85k

Greg Raymer and Kido Pham are milling around. Raymer will be commentating as we move through the money.

UPDATE: TJ Cloutier just almost doubled up … got it all-in with QQ against AK. The lady with big slick would flop an ace, but by the river, TJ would make a spade flush. He is clearly becoming a stronger and stronger force.

Red River Roundup Money Day Action Underway

by , | 12:47 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Here’s the complete, unofficial starting field for today and their chip counts. All three Day 1s finished almost at the same time. Yesterday’s group got seven minutes into the next blind level, so they will roll back to one level earlier, starting where the previous Day 1s left off. Not sure where all the players are from, but anyone want to place a wager that the winner of the biggest Oklahoma tourney of the year will be won by a Texan?

Ladd Gibke 152,000
Brian Horton 149,500
Allen Striegler 140,000
Kenneth Blanton 131,000
Abteen Vaziri 126,400
Mike Dickson 116,000
Jeremy Vaughn 106,700
Vikram Vijay 105,700
Michael Brown 102,600
Stephen Goodrich 98,800


Who’s Who In and Around the Red River Roundup

by , Aug 25, 2007 | 10:47 pm


Hand-for-hand play at the bubble to see who will compete for the big money on Sunday at the WinStar Casino’s signature annual event.

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Below is the list of Day 1-Day 1 Day 2 qualifiers. Names of those who advanced yesterday aren’t yet available, nor is any info on the 41 39 remaining players today. But hey, no sweat … after all, the entire prize pool for this $1 million tourney was just $50k two years ago … so a lot of this is new to the people running the show here, and I gotta say, speaking as a tournament directorial wonk guy who likes to tell people they are doing things wrong, they seem to be doing a really good job. They may not have figured out whether or not they’re gonna let media take pictures — seriously, dudes, it’s cool … players like it … just be sure to remind us “no flash” — but they’ve for the most part got a smooth-running show going on here, with a player-friendly blind structure to boot. Priorities, right?

(Meanwhile, while the lone person sitting at an unwatched table littered with stray media/player/staff badges, I am getting a lot of curious looks, along with some friendly “hello’s” from WinStar employees moving in a bit closer to size me up. Like why on earth would someone be typing so vigorously at a poker tournament!?! Is that a computer?)

We’ll see if we can’t have a list of the entire field of those who have made the money and are fighting for the $230k first prize up before cards go in the air tomorrow. In the meantime, we know that these 33 people will be there: