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Sahara Liquidation (Ep 07)

by , Jun 7, 2011 | 12:15 pm

Inspired by a conversation with Jesse May… Dr. Pauly and Benjo decide to buy pieces of the Sahara…

2011 WSOP – Episode 7: Sahara Liquidation with Remko (6:12) – Benjo and Pauly discussed the Sahara Casino liquidation sale/auction with one of the members of the Dutch press, Remko. Both Remko and Benjo expressed a keen interest in acquiring a slot machine for super cheap, while Pauly has his eyes set on a Pai Gow table. Meanwhile, Benjo and Remko try to figure out how to ship a slot machine from Vegas to France and Holland.

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Early Scores for DonkeyBomber, Goldfarb, and Toothless Bob

by , Jun 1, 2010 | 11:24 am

Our varsity captain was one of two Team ‘Ati players to cash for 4x his buy-in on his first event of the Series.

Team Pokerati is off to quite the fine start … and we I haven’t even gotten everyone their patches yet! (Required to wear upon making the money; my bad this time — no one has to run laps.)

While Harris took home nothing valuable Day 1 experience in his first $1k of 2010, the Arizona contingent showed up in force for the $1,500 O8B. Team members Pat Poels and Julie Schneider checked in, while Tom Schneider and Robert Goldfarb both mid-cashed. 81 total made the money, with Tom and Robert finishing 32nd and 29th, respectively, for $6,128 paydays.

But the real Team Pokerati powerhouse emerging right from the summer git-go comes from our JV squad and Toothless Bob. I hope we’ll be hearing/talking more about him as the Series goes along, because he’s a great guy and an inspirational amateur … and he showed he is ready to tear it up playing the non-Rio WSOP offshoots.

JV All-Star Toothless Bob – thus far the winningest player to don the upside-down spade in 2010.

Bob’s a 60something Vietnam vet and retired security guard who came out to Vegas content living on social security, VA benefits, and low-stakes grinding. You may recall my drive out here with him, when Pokerati relocated its headquarters from Dallas to Las Vegas. Alas, the economy tanked and jobs disappeared as he learned the hard way he couldn’t beat the rake playing 3-6 limit. And then he had the problem with the Golden Nugget and his teeth, or lack thereof. (That’s a whole ‘nother story for another time.)

Anyhow, after heading back to Dallas to unretire (perhaps a bit with his tail between his legs, but always with his head up!) Bob eventually made it back to Vegas about six months ago, and says this time he’s staying for good. He’s still recovering from some pretty serious surgery, however, as less than a month ago, doctors finally removed a football-size cancerous tumor from his gut. But looking to re-find his joie de vivre, Bob entered Event #2 in the Binion’s Poker Classic — a $160 NL.


RE: Stick Up at Sahara

by , Dec 29, 2008 | 7:25 am

While I was away from the web space for a family visit in St. Louis, the guy who robbed the Sahara poker room on the Las Vegas Strip likely spent the holidays hoping no one recognized his mug from the photos released by LV Metro Police.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, he did use a firearm when robbing the Sahara on December 19th and escaped on foot. He was described as follows:

The gunman was described as white and about 20 to 30 years old with a thin mustache and thin build. He was wearing blue jeans, a brown cap, a brown or green hooded sweatshirt with lettering down the left side and a yellow ballcap, authorities said.

Yikes, if Metro has ever been in a poker room, they know that description alone will get them nowhere, as it sounds like two-thirds of players in any given room!

Stick Up at Sahara

by , Dec 19, 2008 | 9:13 pm

Does anyone say “stick-up” anymore?

Regardless, Poker Grump reported tonight that the Sahara looked as if it had been robbed, as the poker room was closed with police tape keeping patrons out. And he was right, as a local news outlet reported that there was an armed robbery at the poker room just before 6pm.

Obviously, the robbers did not know that there is a 7pm tournament there each night, so there may not have been much money in the poker kitty more than an hour before. Curious to know if anyone witnessed it, as this seems a bit brazen…to commit a robbery in a casino in Las Vegas on a Friday night.

How to Play Live Real Money Casino Poker without Much Cash

by , Apr 9, 2008 | 9:23 am

Troy in Las Vegas writes in with a question about bankroll management that I’m going to attempt to answer: (Stop laughing.)


I have a quick question for you… in your opinion what is the best for me to do w/no bank roll…. just able to spend about 200-300 every other week…

a. small (50-60) buy in tournys

b. play one larger tourney (say the venitian) once every two weeks

c. invest my 200 in a ring game some where

or d. none of the above and save my cash til i get enough

if the answer is d…. what is “enough” to play? I have a VERY hard time not playing, but, have been on the roller coaster of up down small amounts til i get felted in cash games (can’t seem to stay away from getting my money in w/the best and not fairing well…. or… when i do well in one session i don’t do well in the next two and get felted)

Just wondering your opinion… thanks!

Troy, you pose an interesting question, because I suspect a lot of folks are in your position, where they have money to spend on poker, but they don’t have a real bankroll. We all hear that you should have $2-3k to play 1/2 — and it doesn’t take long playing to realize those numbers might not be a load of shit — but how many 1/2 players actually have a few thousand bucks in a non-interest bearing poker account?