But I played really well…

by , Mar 1, 2007 | 1:01 am

I need to stop letting you know when I play a major tournament because it seems I only have a bust to report lately. This time 25 spots from the money. I ended up short stacked with KJs under the gun and had to move in with an M of 3. Pocket Aces called, flopped a set and that ended me.

Despite my sob story…The Wynn is running a nice tournament with a $20 comp to any restaurant (much better different from the Rio Poker Kitchen). There are not a lot of pros here yet but I’m sure they are coming. Today’s sitings included Marcel Luske, Steve Wong (Happy Birthday, Steve!), TJ Cloutier & David Plastik (playing the final table from Tuesday’s event).

I’ve been up for 20 hours now so I should probably get some rest but yet…the sounds, the lights, the energy…I love Las Vegas.

4 Comments to “But I played really well…”

  1. DanM

    Michele, sorry to hear the tourney didn’t go so well. I’m wondering if there’s a pattern to the depth of the field you wade through. Better luck recouping on the cash tables.

    Remember, rule #2: Never Stop Gambling.

  2. Jamie D

    A very good point you may be bringing up Dan. When I played alot of online poker, if the feilds were greater than 1000 or less than 100, I had a good record of placing in the money.

    Ho9wever, tourneys over 100 I could very rarely make the money and if I did I was very short stacked.

    I had to look at the different stages within the tourneys to see where there were positions for me to build my stack.

    The only proiblem is I very rarely play online now, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents and point out you may have spotted something here.

    (assuming I read into that right)

    Jamie D

  3. Fresh Princess

    Great Point. Dan and I have been discussing how all of the books really don’t apply to the more common short level and smaller than 10k stack tournament. One more reason the big poker pros only play the main events.

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