Event #2 Kicks It Up

by , May 31, 2008 | 1:21 pm

Yesterday was an easy Day 1 of the 2008 WSOP. Well, in truth, it would’ve been easier had I not been hung over short-tempered out of sorts. But some solid sleep, quiet time at home last night to catch up on articles, and attitude adjustment have done wonders. I’m here with bells on for Day 2.

The empty Amazon Room had a more exciting vibe this morning than yesterday. Before players were allowed in, dealers settled in, and semi-funky tunes were blasted over the intercom system. Michele Lewis did a little running-man demonstration on the media perch, and I did a little chair boogie. Lighter mood to start the day…

And then the players were allowed into the Amazon Room for the first $1500 NLHE event. Yikes! The music kept going as everyone found their seats and got ready for the biggest tournament of the WSOP outside of the main event. Today is maxed out with players in the satellite room and two areas all the way inside the Rio casino. Though a little overwhelming, this is what the World Series is all about. Certainly more amateurs in this field than pros, but it makes for an anything-goes kind of day.

Even though the music stopped once the cards were dealt, there is still some excitement in the air. (Sorry, the poker geek in me is showing.)

3 Comments to “Event #2 Kicks It Up”

  1. michele lewis

    You didn’t mention my Roger Rabbit and Robot moves…

  2. California Jen

    Sorry, Michele! Next time, pics are a must.

  3. michele lewis

    For sure.maybe gary wise knows how to disco?