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Merchdawg journeyed out to Vegas in the summer of 2010 to be a WSOP floor reporter for PartTimePoker ... and ever since couldn't be stopped from fulfilling his lifelong dream of being an overworked, underpaid, non-card-carrying member of the poker media. As multi-faceted 21st century niche journalist, Merch also has written for BLUFF Magazine and has had photos published by ESPN.

Posts by merchdawg:

  • WPT Seminole Hard Rock

    03 May 2011

    If you count a Club WPT patch as a part of our patch watch then patch watch was once again revived today at the World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Showdown Final table today. Allen Bari and Abbey Daniels showed up to battle for the $1,122,340 first place money wearing Club WPT patches, a company […]

  • WPT Seminole Hard Rock

    02 May 2011

    Stop me if you have┬áheard this before; Patch watch is over. After the elimination of Mike Sexton in Day Four it was assumed that the rest of the tournament would play out without a single player with a patch. That was until James Mackey showed up with his fifth place stack wearing a Hero Poker […]

  • WPT Seminole Hard Rock

    01 May 2011

    Coming into Day Four the patch watch almost dead, after Day Four it IS dead. With only two patches to keep track of Day Four’s patch watch was made even easier with Mike Sexton (Party Poker) and Zach Clark (Doyles Room) sitting on the same table. Although both players started out the day in the […]

  • WPT Seminole Hard Rock

    30 Apr 2011

    With only 51 players left after three days of play here at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida only two players are left wearing patches. Mike Sexton and Zachary Clark will be the only two players returning for Day Four wearing Party Poker and Doyle’s Room patches. Sexton returns with 192,000 while Clark is […]

  • WPT Hard Rock Seminole

    28 Apr 2011

    Many questions were still left after yesterdays patch watch. We learned that PokerStars informed their players to not wear a patch for this event, but we were left wondering why a couple sites sponsored players were not wearing a patch even though their fellow team members were wearing theirs. One of those pairs that sent […]

  • WPT Hard Rock Seminole

    27 Apr 2011

    The first major live poker tournament since Black Friday in the United States kicked off today with the World Poker Tour at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida. One of the unknowns coming into the tournament was wether or not sponsored pros would show up wearing their patches. With 406 players in the field […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    22 Apr 2011

    It should be no surprise what the focus of this weeks Roundup will be with all that happened last Friday. Since the indictments were unsealed a week ago today everyone is hitting the airwaves to give their take on what has transpired with the DonkDown guys being the first group to hit the airwaves shortly […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    Rants Alive, SuperStar Showdown, & Kagome Kagome

    15 Apr 2011

    Rabbit Hunt: The Rabbit Hunt crew return after taking a week off to catch everyone up on the latest poker news. After discussing the recent legislation passed in Washington D.C. and Zynga Poker the host move on to discuss the WSOP rematch concept. Matt goes rants about how he does not like the concept, saying […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    St. Louis WSOPC, Chops, & Online Regulation

    08 Apr 2011

    Final Table Poker Radio Show: The Final Table Poker Radio Show crew got kicked out of the poker room this week due to the start of the WSOP Circuit events in St. Louis. After discussing the recent happenings at the circuit event Dennis and Paul are joined by Pat Walsh who discusses his recent win […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    Chad Brown & Legal Talk

    01 Apr 2011

    The Poker Edge: Andrew Feldman and Phil Gordon are joined this week by Chad Brown. Before getting to Brown the two discuss recent poker news and lay out some details for Feldman Challenge will Feldman will take on someone in 25 to 250 hands at $0.01/$0.02. After finishing up the news Brown comes on to […]