Online Virtual Sports – Best of the Best

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Are you completely ‘sports mad’? If so, there’s a relatively new phenomenon taking over the online gaming world that allows you to enjoy sports matches, even when they aren’t actually happening! Popular sites like Caesars Casino Online now offer their visitors the chance to bet on their favorite sports, without having to worry about waiting for match day, or half time to be over to find out the result. Today, we’re revealing a little more about the new trend and running through where to try it for yourself.

What are online virtual sports?

Online virtual sports allow lovers of sport and electronic entertainment to participate in entirely online leagues, featuring your old favorites or fictional teams competing to become champions. Everything is set up as it would be down your local betting shop, only without having to venture outside! Each virtual team and individual comes with their own specific stats, ranging from their height and their goal scoring record, to their win/loss ratio or their average speeds. This allows you to brush up on their expertise and to make informed decisions before you make a wager. Rather than having to wait the full 90 minutes or the length of a race for a result, the outcome is decided by a random number generator (RNG), which takes into account the skills of the players/ animals on the field or track. As a fun added dimension, you’ll get to watch a computer-generated highlights reel of the action, which keeps things interesting and gives you a taste of the delicious tension you feel while watching a real-life sports match or race!

Best places to play?

If you’re looking to dive into the world of online sports, your best bet is trusty favorites, Caesars Casino. In addition to virtual soccer you can also try your hand at a range of virtual racing options including car and motorcycle racing, horse and greyhound racing. All the excitement of the track – without any potential for rain!

Online Poker vs. Online Video Poker

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Online gambling has been constantly growing over the years thanks to its numerous pros. For example, players don’t need to spend lots of cash on traveling and accommodation as online gambling is available from the comfort of their home. Moreover, this market is very competitive and therefore operators often attract users with massive bonus offers and rich game selection.

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As a result, when you join any reputable UK online casino, you can expect top-notch service and many gambling options. As gambling sites collaborate with several game developers, their game menus commonly offer picks for all types of players such as slots, table games and video poker. However, online poker is often featured under a separated tab or even on an entirely different website.

This may be confusing to inexperienced players as they cannot understand the difference between online poker and online video poker. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to learn it.

Online Poker Explained

Let’s start with online poker first. Online poker is literally poker as we know it, just played online. In other words, players must register with an online poker operator, make a deposit in order to join a particular game and then take a seat at a virtual table (if there’s a free one). The objective on online poker is to beat other players, who are playing against you in real time.

Online poker games often feature several players and require certain buy-ins from those that want to take part. Also, operators often organize online poker tournaments with massive prize pools. So, the cards are dealt by the online poker software, while players get to decide what their next move is going to be; the options are standard and include calling, raising or folding. Online poker is offered in various variations, with Texas Hold’em and traditional Omaha probably being the most popular ones.

It should be noted that online poker sessions usually take place in virtual poker rooms, whereas video poker is featured among the casino games.

Online Video Poker Guide

Those that have played video poker know that this game is a mix between poker and slot machines. Namely, the player plays against the software, rather than against other players. Therefore, video poker is considered an individual game, which doesn’t require spotting bluffing or trying to figure out other players’ strategies. On video poker you simply choose the variant and then play alone.

For better illustration, a session of online video poker would go as it follows. The player first registers with an online casino operator and then finds the desired video poker variant; there are tens of those such as All American, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

Once the game is selected, it is quickly loaded, and the player gets to select betting size before hitting the “Deal” button. This starts the game and the software deals five face up cards to the player, who then decides which cards to be kept and which to discard. All discarded cards are replaced with new ones and the game ends with or without a winning combination.

Spotting the Deceiver is Key for Bluffing

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For the untrained eye, bluffing in poker could be considered the foundation of the game. While it is surely one of the most exciting part of it, it shouldn’t be the sole concern, and definitely not something to be overused. More experienced players know better than that but it is still important for them to know when to make use of this tool. Better yet – how to spot the bluffers among your opposition.

Poker cheating

Photo by Santeri Viinamäki

The biggest dedicated portals like contain a lot of adequate helping material on virtually anything regarding how you can improve your skills. A substantial amount of presented content, perhaps on any given web page, in one way or another covers the art of bluffing. And just like art, the approach should be fine and delicate. Used more often as a defensive mechanism rather than an offensive weapon.

Although you cannot always be 100 percent sure, there are some indications and behavioral tendencies that could be helpful in determining when people are much less likely to be trying to get their hands on the pot by scaring you off. First of all, certain states of mind or psychical conditions are making it hard for us to go and try some tricks on top of the usual gameplay. For example, when extremely tired at the table all of our powers are focused on keeping in the game and waiting for something good to happen, rather than figuring out strategies. The same goes for agitation and excitement which are the signs of strength, not uncertainty.

Then there are the ones who want you to think in a specific way. They could be presenting themselves as if they are brooding over their options very hard, taking deep breaths or sighing. Excessive talking is likely to mean trouble as well, regardless if the undertone is supposed to discourage you from calling, or otherwise. There is a chance of course, this is an elaborated scheme to mess with your perception, but as a principle frightened people don’t tend to use many words. It’s a little bit different at pre-flop, when players are usually focused on their play rather than socializing, and talkers can be pegged as bluffers very quick in this situation.

Being cautious is an easier strategy – whenever in doubt you can just fold and at least you’re still in the game. However, clearly you cannot afford to be pushed off all the time. Besides, there is nothing better than catching an aggressive bettor in a compromising position. Apart from situations when you have great hand, or it’s obvious your adversary is up against the wall, spotting the bluff can be tough. The best way to tackle this issue is getting better at reading people’s emotions and recognizing tells. There is a wild variety of mannerisms and little movements that could reveals our true intentions. Many of them are involuntary, so even if we try it could be hard to control every last one of them. Plus, some players have individual tells, so figuring that out can do a lot of damage. Other than that, there is no golden rule for getting it right each time. Among other things, the basic indicators of players with weak hands trying to deceive the opposition include: tension, nervousness, nail biting, fake smiles, intensive stares, eye movements, covering mouth and eyes, or unnatural speech.


Snapshot Profiles of GPI Top Ranked Poker Players

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For most of us, playing poker is more of a hobby than a career. Sure, you can make some solid cash playing online against fish or, if lucky enough, in the odd live tournament. We should always be looking to improve our game of course, but even at our best we are not likely to be taking home seven-figure sums from a big tournament any time soon.

But, what of those that have mastered the art of poker? What is the current state of play at the top of the rankings? Below are the current top 5 in the Global Poker Index rankings, with a brief snapshot of each player:

Adrián Mateos

The majority of us still aren’t even able to tie our shoelaces by the time we are 23-years-old, whereas Mateos has earned in excess of $13,000,000 from live poker tournaments. He has three Word Series of Poker bracelets, two Finals tables on the World Poker Tour and one win on the European Poker Tour. If he stays at the top of his game, it is scary to think how much he could eventually earn.

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo

A relative veteran in comparison to Mateos, Bonomo has earned in excess of £20,000,000. That puts him in 14th place in the all-time rankings of poker earnings. Not bad for a 32-year-old. He came to prominence back in 2005, when coming fourth in the EPT French Open. He is also noted for winning at EPT Monte Carlo in 2012, with the final table reading like a who’s who of poker greats, including Daniel Negranu and Johnathan Duhamel.


Upping the Ante

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It is no secret; the global online poker industry has been in decline for several years. There is a magnitude of reasons for this downturn in play, from the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the USA to the emergence of ring-fenced markets, all of which has turned players away from the game.

Three Card Poker

But online poker operators have not given up, and in recent months have introduced exciting new game formats aimed at attracting a new generation of players. What’s more, these new formats have been designed with smartphone users front of mind, and are faster and easier to play than classic Texas Hold ‘em.

The state of play

While the online casino sector has been on a major upwards growth trajectory over the past few years, online poker play has been in decline during the same period. In addition to the factors mentioned above, another major cause is the rise in other digital entertainment options.

This includes video streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, as well as video and mobile games, and social networks – all of which can be consumed on smartphones and tablets. These alternatives are enticing players away from poker with quick thrills and high-quality entertainment. They are changing player expectations, too.

Smartphones have significantly impacted every industry on the planet, and online gaming is no exception. Players now expect simple games with fast-paced action they can access on mobile. They want to be able to get their phone out on a train or while waiting in a line to squeeze in a couple of games when they have some time to kill.

This is one of the reasons why online casino, and specifically slots play, has seen a huge uptick in participation. Games can be played in a matter of seconds instead of minutes and hours.


New “True Gambling Stories” Podcast Debuts in January

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Longtime poker and gambling writer Sean Chaffin has partnered with to produce a new show for the site’s expanding number of unique podcasts. The new show will be titled True Gambling Stories and debut on the PokerNews Podcasting Network on Jan. 31.

From the bright lights of glittering Las Vegas to Old West gambling saloons, “True Gambling Stories” brings listeners some insight into gambling’s great stories and lore. This audible experience includes plenty of cards, cash, dice, and the occasional six-shooter.

“As a contributor to PokerNews for almost a year, I am thrilled with this new podcast and think poker and gambling fans alike will really enjoy it,” Chaffin said. “The show will be similar to some of those really cool true crime podcasts, but with a gambling twist. It will be in a narrative story format and focus on a single tale from gambling or poker’s past.”

The first show will focus on an amazing and legendary craps roll in downtown Las Vegas from the 1980s.

“It’s such an amazing tale of one man’s mystical roll at the tables with some really big bucks won,” Chaffin said. “We really try to get behind the scenes and weave a cool story from this crazy night.”


Poker, Year-Over-Year: Looking Back at What’s Ahead for the Game

by , Dec 28, 2017 | 12:10 am

It’s 2018 and poker is changing. Well actually, depending on when you’re reading this, it still could be 2017, but 2018 is essentially here, and a flip of calendar brings with it something old and something new.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we expect to see more of in poker in 2018, as a continuation of what emerged in 2017:

Year of the Vlogger

Some of our autocorrects still haven’t learned that the term “vlogger” isn’t a typo for “blogger.” But poker fans can tell you one of these terms really has replaced the other. And much to our delight, Pokerati friend and former podcast partner Andrew Neeme is setting the bar.

His videos, which began only a year ago and come out at a clip of about two a week, have led his YouTube channel to reach more than 75,000 subscribers and generate regularly more than 200,000 weekly views. Combine his numbers with other popular vloggers such as Doug Polk and “The Trooper” and poker vloggers in 2017 got more dedicated eyeball time from people who care about poker than FoxSports and ESPN.

No wonder online poker sites that sponsor live tournaments like 888poker are inviting these guys to play in their events across the world. In Las Vegas casinos, Neeme and fellow vlogger Brad Owen host a MUG – their term for “meet up game” – where their audience joins them at the tables for some drinky, low-ish stakes games. Earlier this month, their game was $2/$3 NLH at Westgate Las Vegas, and supposedly at one point the wait list to get in on the game stood at 33 players.

With so many people in 2017 seeing what the best of these vloggers can do, we only expect their significance to grow in 2018.


How Online Casinos Are Enticing Players to Join in the Fun

by , Dec 4, 2017 | 8:19 pm

There’s no secret that we live in a digital age. People want to be able to access information, converse with friends, shop, and be entertained all while on the go from the convenience of their smart device. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that people now turn to their smartphone in order to enjoy online gambling any time the mood strikes. In fact, online gambling has become such a phenomenon that by the year 2018 it is expected that more than 164 million people worldwide will be taking part in it.

So, what exactly do these online casinos offer players? What is capturing the attention of so many players and causing the numbers to steadily increase? Well there are a number of factors in play, all of which entice people to join the fun and give it a try.

Convenience and Ease-of-Use

If you’re looking for the top reason that more players than ever before are opting for online casino games, it’s got to be the convenience and ease-of-use factor. There is no longer a need to drive to a physical casino, of which there may be none near you. As well, you don’t have to worry about the hours of business.

With online casinos you have access whenever you want and wherever you want. If you want to just play a couple of quick games, you can do that. Then again if you’ve got a couple of hours available to sit on the couch and relax, then you can also log on for that long.

These casino websites have also been designed to be extremely user-friendly. There is no need to be some sort of techie genius, or a casino whiz for that matter in order to play the games. You’ll find everything from the standard casino games such as slot machines, all the way to the table card games like roulette and poker.

Incredible Sign-Up Bonuses and Promotions

Of course, these websites are also smart in that they realise they can make the pot a little sweeter by offering all kinds of great deals for first-time and returning players. Players are enticed to play and join the action through deposit bonuses, sign up bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, and plenty more. Even more recently these online casinos have started to offer a dedicated live casino bonus, just to provide that extra bit of fun.


Variations of Poker

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Poker comes in many different forms from Texas Hold Em to Omaha to less popular versions such as Razz, HORSE and Stud. Whatever form of poker you happen to be playing or desire to play, the objective of the game is the same. This is that you are striving to make the best five card poker hand. You can find out more about this great game by visiting the casino at Sun Bets.

There are several main forms of poker in the world at this time. The two biggest games by far are Texas Hold em and Omaha Hold em.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The game of Texas Hold’em originated many years ago but became hugely popular when it was the game of choice at the main event of the World Series of Poker. It is a fast paced game where each player is dealt two starting cards that are solely for use by them. Each player’s cards are unknown to the other players. There follows a round of betting and then the dealer reveals a further three cards.

These three cards are placed in the centre of the table and are communal cards. This means that they can be used by all of the remaining players that are still active in the hand after the first betting round. These three cards are often referred to as the “flop”. There follows another round of betting. If there are still players remaining then a fourth communal card is dealt referred to as the “turn”. Another round of betting follows and then if there are surviving players, a fifth and final communal card is dealt (called the “river”) and a fourth and final round of betting followed by a showdown.

Fast Action Guaranteed

Texas Hold em is a fast paced game due in large part to the fact that each player only has two of their own cards at the start of the game. So bad hands are more obvious and subsequently folded more easily. The bottom line is that each player has to make the best five card poker hand but has a maximum of seven cards to make it, five of which are shared by the players. Communal cards are a common feature in several poker variants including Omaha.

Omaha Hold’em

Omaha Hold’em originated in Europe but has rapidly spread worldwide. It is played almost identically to Texas Hold em but with two major differences. The first one is that each player has four starting cards in their hand instead of two like in Texas Hold em. However it is the second major difference that often confuses novice players when they play Omaha.

Each player MUST use two cards from their four card hand and three from the communal cards. There is no such requirement to do this in Texas Hold em. A quick example will highlight what we mean. If you have A-K in your hand at Texas Hold em and the final board reads 8-8-8-5-5 then you can declare a full house and play the five cards from the board.

You cannot do this in Omaha. You MUST play two cards from your hand and three from the board. So if your hand is A-K-Q-J then the best hand you can make with a board of 8-8-8-5-5 is 8-8-8-A-K. This assumes of course that there is no possible flush. These two major differences are what really separate Omaha from Texas Hold em.

Video Poker

Despite the popularity of Omaha and Texas Hold em, the next biggest poker variant is Video Poker. This is played at online casinos and live casinos all over the world. There are several major variants of video poker with one of the main variations being “Jacks or Better”. The objective of the game as usual is still to make the best five card poker hand.

The caveat being that you need a qualifying hand of at least a pair of jacks or better to get paid. The player begins by entering their stake. Online Video Poker games allow players to only wager tiny stakes unlike live casino Video Poker games. After setting the stakes you are then dealt five random cards. You can then select to hold as many cards as you like or exchange as many as you like from one to five. So for example if you have say Qc-Qd-4s-3h-2c as your first five cards, you would “hold” the pair of queens and exchange the other three cards.

You would be hoping to make a pair of queens or better. Each hand is paid out based on a pay scale with a pair being the lowest and a straight flush and Royal Flush being the highest. So why not go along to the casino at and play this great and ever popular form of poker?

Author bio

Carl Sampson is a full time professional poker player, coach and author. He can also be seen on his blog at

Is Online Poker Safe or Rigged?

by , Jul 13, 2017 | 3:14 pm

With the advent technology and internet the face of gambling industry has changed completely. Mobile gambling industry is all set to cross 100 billion in 2017. Moreover mobile and android technology has played a major role in bringing gambling into the mainstream. Poker is still the number one game played at both online and land based casinos. Still many casino players feel confused about the safety associated with online poker rooms.

Is it Safe to Play Poker Online?

The answer to that question is – as funny as that might seem – rather difficult. I have always been the advocate of a fair and mutually beneficial business model when it came to online poker operations, and thus I’ve always believed that online poker was indeed safe, despite the relative lack of regulation and the impossibility for players to gain an insight into the inner workings of such operations. Often registered in offshore jurisdictions with less than stellar reputations in this respect, history has proven that despite the fact that it doesn’t make any long-term sense for online poker operators to steal from their players, several of them did just that over the years.


The Psychological Traits of Successful Poker Players

by , Jun 8, 2017 | 3:46 am

Poker is not only a game of skill but a game of the mind as well.  Psychology plays a huge role in this highly competitive casino inspired game. Poker has been around for a very long time and there are many theories about how to play the game.  Today, we are going to focus on the psychological traits of what makes a successful poker player.  We will analyze each of these traits so that you can prepare your own mind for your next game.  If you want to become a serious and successful poker player, you just might want to pay close attention to the information below.

Royalty Free Photo


There is nothing more important than being intelligent when it comes to poker.  Learning the ins and outs of the game before sitting down to the table is a wise move.  There are so many different resources out there these days that will help you get the most out of your game.  Many are completely free and you can learn a lot by browsing the many different poker related websites online.  This helpful information is perfect for those who play at an online casino or someone who plays live and in person.


Knowing when it is time to get out of the game is a highly important trait to learn.  This is what many refer to as bankroll management.  Many players that are new to the game have a difficult problem with this part of the game.  When the cards are simply not there, many try to bluff their way out.  While bluffing is something you should learn, it’s not something you should completely rely on.  Instead, players should be able to assess the situation and know when it’s time to fold.  This self-discipline should be practiced no matter what size the pot might be. Having discipline will help you keep your bankroll in check so that you will have money to keep playing when others have lost it all.

The Ability to Deal with Losing

Let’s face it, every player no matter how good they are, still lose big from time to time.  The ability to deal with this loss and get back in the game is what is important.  Many players simply can’t handle a major loss and most give up on the game altogether.  But if you want to achieve success and build back your bankroll, you are going to have to get out there and play. To find out more about dealing with loss, please check out this helpful website.

The game of poker can be tricky.  But with the right mindset, even the greenest of players can learn how to become proficient.  Remember that when you simply don’t have the cards, it’s probably not worth wasting your bankroll on a losing hand.  So, make sure to keep what you have learned here today in the back of your mind.  This information will help you outwit other players and increase your winnings at the same time.

888poker, the exclusive online poker operator

by , May 16, 2017 | 11:19 pm

What we all know, reckon and adore is the arrival of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2017. The diverse and very interesting series of poker gaming tournaments annually recombine at the WSOP, the biggest poker fest of the year hosted at Las Vegas and sponsored by 888poker.

888poker best online poker operator, guarantees to not only enhance the standards of the Hunger Games of Poker i.e. WSOP but to also spoil the participants in the most astonishing of ways. Let alone the fact that the winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) will be awarded a multimillion dollar cash prize as well as the most prestigious poker bracelet.

Many people all around the globe are willing to join the WSOP and 888poker provides the absolute medium for them to be a part of this exquisite international event. 888poker makes sure they cater their revered customers in the best way possible.

One astounding thing about the 888poker is the variety, the wide arena of games that they offer to choose from. In order to strengthen the human poker bond and to show the world how considerate the WSOP sponsors can be, the 888poker lets the customers choose and master their favorite game. There’s no more compromise in the world of poker, the 888poker provides you exactly what you’re looking for.

So is it going to be the Texas Hold’em or the Omaha? 888poker is your ultimate way to the mastery of poker at the WSOP. Be a part of 888poker and get ready to earn a million bucks sitting right in your chair with all the real feels of poker gaming.

“Great poker memories you’ll make”, as claimed by the 888poker. 888poker believes in the joy and satisfaction of their customers. Regardless of whether you get to win or you get to curse your luck watching your foe, win, the 888poker makes sure you get to live a time of your life.


Who needs hold’em? Golden Nugget dominating NJ online casino biz despite lack of poker

by , May 9, 2017 | 12:39 am

If you had asked industry experts to predict market leaders back when NJ online gambling first launched in late 2013, it’s unlikely many of them would have pegged Golden Nugget over bigger brands like Borgata and Caesars.

In fact, the casino had something of an ignominious start in New Jersey. Due to technical errors, Golden Nugget online launched later than the rest of the market, missing out on the first wave of enthusiasm and signups that accompanied the formal launch of regulated online gambling in the Garden State.

But despite the low expectations and initial stumble, Golden Nugget is quickly becoming the clear leader among the land-based license holders that operate online gambling sites in New Jersey.

A recent month more than made the point: In March, Golden Nugget clocked $6.1 million in revenue. The next closest competitor was the Borgata, with $4.3 million (including both casino and poker).

Closing in on Borgata for casino revenue lead

We say “quickly becoming” rather than “already is” for one reason: The Borgata. The Borgata has been, since day one, the cumulative leader for casino revenue, poker revenue, and overall revenue.

But that spot is looking shakier every month. Currently, the Borgata only holds a lead of roughly $3 million over the Golden Nugget when it comes to casino revenue. Golden Nugget will likely overtake Borgata on that front before the year is out.

The total poker lead for Borgata is a bit safer thanks to the site’s massive head start over PokerStars. And it will be some time before any casino gets within reach of the overall revenue crown. But if a casino does mount that challenge, it will probably be the Golden Nugget.

The Golden Nugget is the IGP holder for a handful of brands, all of which contribute to the total revenue number. In addition to Golden Nugget, Betfair and SugarHouse also are counted as part of the casino’s online revenue totals.


Rising to the Top: Tips for Becoming a Better Online Poker Player

by , May 2, 2017 | 10:56 pm

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everybody’s gotta start somewhere,” right? It’s no different when it comes to online poker. Some beginners are naturals and advance from being a novice to an intermediate player relatively quickly and with ease.

More often than not, becoming a pro isn’t going to happen overnight and you’ll have to work hard to get there, especially when there are a lot of talented players on the Internet. Here are some steps and tips to help you improve your game and increase your chances to make it to the top:

Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More

Think you’ve learned everything you need to know about poker? Wrong. Even the best and most successful players take any opportunity they can to learn more. While it’s one thing to be proud of your skills as a poker player, thinking that you know all there is to know can also make you come across as an annoying know-it-all.

Want to get better at online poker? Check out a strategy for poker players, do research, and stay up-to-date on anything related to online poker.

Be Committed to the Game

If you want to move up in the online poker world and want to be taken seriously, you must be committed to the game. You won’t get very far by playing only on the weekends or whenever you feel like playing. Take every game seriously, but also see it as an opportunity to practice and a learning experience.


What’s at stake with Pennsylvania online gambling regulation?

by , Apr 30, 2017 | 10:25 pm

Pennsylvania has been contemplating various approaches to regulating online gambling for the better part of the current decade. Each session to date, lawmakers have failed to act – despite the increasingly significant pressure of an escalating budget gap.

That gap – forecast to be in the area of $3 billion by many reports – can only be closed in two ways. The state can either cut spending, or take in more revenue.

Where can Pennsylvania find the money?

It does not appear that the first option is a viable one. Pennsylvania may be able to realize some savings from consolidating agencies and other efficiencies. But for those savings to approach hundreds of millions of dollars, let alone billions, would be a surprising outcome.

The leaves option two: more revenue. The traditional path for a state looking for more revenue has been to raise taxes. But politicians on both sides of the aisle in Pennsylvania have made it clear that they’re not interested in raising taxes. That includes an opposition both to increases in personal or business taxes.

States do have a few other options for raising revenue. They can privatize state-run industries. Pennsylvania considered this route with the state lottery a few years back, but the initiative collapse with no small amount of scandal and is unlikely to be proposed again. Other privatization efforts may help to chip away at the budget issue. But those efforts have yet to be articulated by legislators or observers. That suggests there is not a silver bullet for Pennsylvania’s budget problems waiting in the privatization wings.

Another option: Regulate existing industries, or introduce new industries to regulate. This is where online gambling comes in.

How much revenue could regulated online gambling produce for Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania would realize two streams of revenue from regulating online gambling. The first: upfront license fees paid by operators and suppliers. The second: ongoing tax revenue from the operation of regulated online casino and poker games.

How much could Pennsylvania expect from upfront licensing fees? According to one report, the state could receive in excess of 100 million dollars from license fees charged to operators and the companies that supply them. That money would provide Pennsylvania with an immediate injection of revenue. License fees would be guaranteed and collected by the state before the first online casino took its first bet. In addition to upfront licensing fees, Pennsylvania would realize additional fee-based revenue in the long run thanks to renewal charges for both operators and suppliers.