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The Nguyens Have It!

by , Jul 21, 2012 | 3:53 am

Spoiler alert: If you’re into bar trivia with poker players and/or students of transcontinental nomenclature , you might wanna close your eyes and squint with your hand covering the bottom part of the screen … because this post, just a few lines down, will reveal the answer to a rather fascinating list type of question, if not officially establish who is truly the First Family (Extended) of Poker:

What’s the winningest surname in poker?

A kind lady or gent at the Hendon Mob pressed a few buttons to confirm some of our guesses (and maybe yours, too) while revealing perhaps a few surprise names … and creating a list that, frankly, shows why making the November/October Nine really does matter moreso than pretty much any other final table in poker — even if your last name isn’t Heinz, Yang, Eastgate, or Staszko.

Most Winningest Last Names in the Database

# Last Name Number of Players Total Winnings
1st Nguyen 724 $58,486,178
2nd Tran 351 $32,706,817
3rd Smith 838 $32,665,771
4th Esfandiari 1 $23,245,828
5th Lee 605 $21,622,437
6th Le 240 $21,112,311
7th Mizrachi 8 $18,624,760
8th Hansen 116 $18,241,708
9th Williams 394 $17,857,169
10th Seidel 9 $17,009,914
11th Kim 386 $16,961,577
12th Ivey 10 $16,773,558
13th Trickett 3 $16,474,737
14th Negreanu 1 $16,199,968
15th Hellmuth 2 $16,129,852
16th Pham 165 $15,546,374
17th Chan 161 $13,091,677
18th Phillips 156 $13,065,410
19th Gold 45 $13,028,974
20th Phan 100 $12,479,193
21st Juanda 1 $12,419,828
22nd Hachem 5 $12,405,442
23rd Brown 442 $12,310,085
24th Schwartz 102 $12,246,152
25th Johnson 480 $12,067,495
26th Cunningham 69 $11,907,403
27th Mortensen 17 $11,570,325
28th Eastgate 1 $11,127,554
29th Cloutier 8 $11,046,507
30th Duhamel 2 $11,033,291
31st Wong 228 $10,324,102
32nd Miller 400 $10,281,188
33rd Grospellier 1 $10,024,924
34th Brunson 6 $9,862,132
35th Deeb 6 $9,802,789
36th Cohen 200 $9,744,700
37th Cada 1 $9,312,211
38th Mercier 16 $9,185,378
39th Binger 2 $9,151,708
40th Jones 402 $9,116,285
41st Chen 170 $9,101,035
42nd Ferguson 54 $8,952,334
43rd Heinz 2 $8,895,549
44th Yang 76 $8,833,236
45th Martin 294 $8,778,894
46th Lindgren 13 $8,754,310
47th Young 213 $8,344,999
48th Brenes 7 $8,324,683
49th Shulman 9 $8,209,621
50th Matusow 4 $7,995,344
51st Wasicka 2 $7,848,665
52nd Liu 133 $7,839,421
53rd Greenstein 4 $7,824,081
54th Davis 317 $7,785,865
55th Hall 186 $7,744,133
56th Chiu 18 $7,624,502
57th Fox 101 $7,590,048
58th Moore 194 $7,471,896
59th Racener 1 $7,399,133
60th Harrington 39 $7,385,910
61st Baker 176 $7,272,881
62nd Seed 1 $7,271,232
63rd Katchalov 1 $7,162,776
64th Raymer 3 $7,018,909
65th Forrest 15 $6,971,049
66th Clark 199 $6,897,689
67th Kelly 137 $6,872,539
68th Lamb 33 $6,859,875
69th Demidov 3 $6,821,514
70th Baldwin 40 $6,789,092
71st Jensen 101 $6,657,411
72nd Lederer 5 $6,585,143
73rd Carter 114 $6,565,006
74th Griffin 52 $6,557,616
75th Lam 102 $6,552,448
76th Habib 13 $6,497,663
77th McDonald 106 $6,450,391
78th Perry 97 $6,437,309
79th Keller 46 $6,367,012
80th Sexton 28 $6,341,341
81st Wilson 283 $6,297,913
82nd Benyamine 2 $6,251,579
83rd Ma 50 $6,127,353
84th Levy 96 $6,100,933
85th Roberts 161 $6,086,072
86th Arieh 2 $6,066,192
87th Taylor 297 $6,056,132
88th Cheong 14 $6,049,682
89th Ulliott 1 $6,011,126
90th Gordon 95 $6,002,862
91st King 175 $5,867,201
92nd Schulman 11 $5,859,777
93rd Liebert 3 $5,849,630
94th Corkins 2 $5,820,670
95th Rheem 1 $5,819,766
96th Ly 79 $5,669,412
97th Khan 62 $5,650,851
98th Thomas 240 $5,649,017
99th Staszko 1 $5,589,365
100th Scott 150 $5,568,693

Winners, Losers, Coinflips (January 2011)

Breaking down the month’s movers and shakers into bite-size chunks

by , Jan 31, 2011 | 1:40 pm

The format that seemed to work so well in describing the action at the 2010 WSOP November Nine is going to get the full treatment now (and because I think the daggers that Dan has been sending me with his eyes have finally worked and I need to write something.)

A word about the “scoring system”: This year I want to keep track of how well (or poorly) a player is doing in a given year. +1 point for being a winner, -1 for being a loser, -3 if you have the misfortunate of winning my Screw You award, +3 for being my Player of the Month, and nothing for getting a coinflip. That’s what happens when you have a 50/50 chance. In the long run you just break even.


  • Daniel Negreanu (1): My feelings about the All-time Money List aside, Daniel has hit the ground running in 2011 with his second place finish in the $100k Super High Roller 6-table SnG at the PCA. Pocketing a cool million a few days into the year has got to make you feel good.
  • Erik Seidel (1): Sure, it’s aided by a $2.5 million score in an obscene $250,000 buy-in event, but Seidel won even more money than Daniel, $3.4 million for the month of January.
  • Hendon Mob (1): For acknowledging the All-Time Money List is kind of turning into a farce and doing something about it by having options to remove Super High Roller SnGs and restricted tournaments.


  • Viktor Blom (-1): If this guy actually owes $149 MILLION dollars to Swedish tax authorities, it will be safe to say that signing with Pokerstars was the worst thing to happen in his life. Going 2-1 in his Superstar Showdowns isn’t gonna be enough to cover that bill.
  • Prahlad Friedman (-1): A man has got to pay the bills, I’m not going to get into a “is he a sellout?” conversation. That said, the fact that the forums and media are ablaze about his decision to join UB is probably not a good sign for him. His “brand” is likely to have taken a hit and his words about not joining the man have certainly come back to haunt him.
  • The All-Time Money List (-1): Pretty much everyone has been dumping on this lately with the increase in buy-ins reaching astronomically stupid levels. Hendon Mob addressed this and that’s why they are one of the winners, but the list itself still seems like a wasted statistic.


  • Annie Duke/Jeffery Pollack: I like the idea of a new Professional Poker League, but I am soooooo skeptical as to whether they can even pull it off. Also, not letting online play count in your formula looks to me more like laziness than anything else, and removes any player that is in the current generation of contenders.
  • Phil Hellmuth: For someone that’s got to be the biggest free agent in poker by a country mile, his lack of a sponsorship had better be a calculated decision. Or its just that Phil isn’t as marketable as people thought? OK…that’s a stretch.
  • Results from the Bluff Reader’s Choice Awards: Congratulations are in order for The Poker Beat winning its second consecutive RCA, this time in the “Best Web Based Poker Show” category. Still, would be nice to have Pokerati win Best Poker Blog and Cardrunners win Best Poker Resource. Ah well, there is always next year.

The “Eff You, Sir/Madam” Award

Every month there is bound to be at least one player/entity/whatever that deserves special mention for being an idiot for a particular month. It doesn’t have to be rational, its likely to get some flak, and is going to definitely almost always be a mindless rant. So without further adieu, the winner (loser?) is:

  • Russ Hamilton (-3…not including negative karma): This month, I’m going for the low hanging fruit and giving this to Russ Hamilton. In fact, I’m tempted to name the award after him. He made the news earlier this month for flying off the handle at a Florida poker room as he was getting jeered about how bad he was when he couldn’t see the hole cards. He then proceeded to call his opponents “fucking dicks” and that “You do not know what you are talking about; you were not there. You just read about it and think you know.” No, Russ, they do know what they are talking about, because everyone from UB to the poker media to 60 FUCKING MINUTES said that you did it. And you did. So the fact that you grace us with your presence at a poker table anywhere on this Earth should come with the caveat that you are going to get verbally abused. And you should just take it or quit. No one remembers you for your WSOP win, they remember you for being the “fucking dick” who screwed people out of $20 million, and just maybe also for receiving the inaugural Pokerati “Fuck You” award. Maybe.

Player of the Month
The Player of the Month is taken straight from the winners list, and is given a coveted 3 points instead of 1 toward becoming the 2011 Pokerati Winners, Losers, Coinflips player of the year. I suppose. We haven’t really worked out all the details yet.

  • Erik Seidel (3): Anyone that manages to wade through shark infested high roller waters not once but three times and cashes every single time more than deserves to be named Player of the Month. It was a nice progression too, from going 4th in the PCA SHR to 3rd in the Aussie Millions SHR to winning the “Full Tilt proving they can have a bigger buy-in than Stars” event. Very well deserved, and we’ll see if Erik can keep up the momentum in the coming months. If he is not ranking in ESPN’s “The Nuts segment I’d be pretty shocked. (EDIT: He has, just barely. Erik is ranked 10th this month.)

(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 34

by , Jun 30, 2010 | 6:38 am

First, regarding Main Event registration, day 1d registration is temporarily closed. That day has over 900 players registered while days 1a, 1b and 1c are running behind with around 350-500 players registered so far. Tournament staff hopes more players choose those day 1s catch up to day 1d’s figure before reopening registration.

For the first time in several weeks, no bracelets were awarded at the WSOP yesterday. However, as many as three could be awarded during Wednesday’s tournament action:

Seat 1: Wenlong Jin – 292,000
Seat 2: Chuan Shi – 894,000
Seat 3: Jason Mann – 893,000
Seat 4: Ilya Andreev – 985,000
Seat 5: Allan Baekke – 1,633,000
Seat 6: Shawn Busse – 1,203,000
Seat 7: Owen Crowe – 1,192,000
Seat 8: Pekka Ikonen – 626,000
Seat 9: Adam White – 1,685,000

R. Mizrachi leads 5k PLO

What is expected to be the final day of the $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event resumes at 3pm with Robert Mizrachi (758,000) leading the field with 31 players remaining. Among the notables: Jose “Nacho” Barbero (480,000), Jason Mercier (221,000), Joe Beevers (212,000), Julian Gardner (190,000), Joe Serock (150,000), Justin “Boosted J” Smith (120,000) and Nam Le (60,000). Full chip counts available at

Linn leader final day of $1500 NL

Michael Linn (1,410,000) leads the final 23 players of the $1,500 No-Limit Holdem when play resumes at 3pm this afternoon. Full chip counts available at

Vedes leads Triple Chance Day 1

Day one of the $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Holdem event drew a field of 965 entrants, with 177 returning to the tables at 2:30pm. Tommy Vedes leads the field with 231,100 in chips, followed by familiar names David Singer (204,100), Gavin Griffin (134,300), Joe Tehan (93,100), Tom Dwan (59,800) and Terrence Chan (52,200). Full chip counts available at

Wednesday’s tournaments

One of the most highly anticipated tournaments of the WSOP takes place at 12pm with the debut of the $25,000 No-Limit Holdem 6-max event. A field of over 200 players is expected, consisting of 6-max specialists from the Internet, veteran tournament poker professionals, and those with $25,000 to burn. Players start with 75,000 in chips with the opening level 150/300 with a 25 ante, giving players incentive to show up on time and get the action going. The 5pm tournament is the $1,500 Limit Holdem Shootout, won last year by Greg Mueller in a field of 571 players, earning $179,291.

Phil Hellmuth makes WPT Bay 101 Final Table

Ultimate Bet Cancels 2010 Aruba Classic

by , Mar 12, 2010 | 8:15 am

After having what he admitted was his worst year in poker last year, Phil Hellmuth decided some changes were in order. In his blog from February, Hellmuth hired mindset coach Sam Chauhan and had a battery of tests among other changes to get his poker game back to the when he was considered by more than himself as the best player in the world. It appears to be paying off this week, as Hellmuth has made the final table of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars Main Event Friday afternoon. Here’s how the rest of the final table will be seated when play resumes around 4pm PT (results come from the Hendon Mob Database):

Seat 1: Hasan Habib – 455,000
Seat 2: Phil Hellmuth – 1,433,000
Seat 3: Andy “BKiCe” Seth – 2,164,000
Seat 4: Matt Keikoan – 371,000
Seat 5: Mclean Karr – 1,112,000
Seat 6: Dan O’Brien – 1,129,000

Other big names who missed the final table: Scotty Nguyen (8th), “Miami John” Cernuto (11th), Nick Schulman (13th), Chau Giang (14th), and current WPT Player of the Year leader Faraz Jaka (18th). Live updates will be available from BJ Nemeth and the other good people over at the site.

In other news related to Hellmuth, Ultimate Bet has decided to cancel the 2010 Aruba Classic as they decided to expand their offerings online, including having a second Ultimate Bet Online Championship series each year.

New Poll: November Nine Knowledge

Plus results for favorite player database source

by , Oct 6, 2009 | 7:02 am

Congratulations to the Hendon Mob, who were picked by Pokerati readers as the clear favorite when it comes to looking up a player’s stats.

The Mob got nearly half the votes. CardPlayer got roughly half the remaining half. And an interesting 3rd-place finisher: PokerPages … which as we recently learned is going out of business.

Word on the electronic street is that at least two entities that didn’t make a strong showing in Pokerati’s unscientific poll are beginning the process of trying to buy PP’s player database at a fire-sale price.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our new poll — sidebar, toppish-right — wondering: How many November Niner names do you know?

New Poll: Favorite Source of Player Info, Tourney Results

by , Sep 20, 2009 | 9:41 am

We’ve got a new highly unscientific poll up. I’m curious … where do you like to go for information on players — whether it’s to see how a well-known entity has done over the course of a career or to see just WhoTF some new-name is?

Cast your vote over yonder in the sidebar on your right.

Totally subjective criteria. And though there have long been accusatory murmurs about who steals data from whom, I’m looking at the thoroughness and accuracy of their records, ease of use, and any creative touches that make theirs different. Though I suspect others exist* sites I’ve visited for player stats and (live or online) tourney results include:

Hendon Mob

Trying to decide on one as my go-to source.

* and some I knowingly omitted, like and, because they include only their own tourneys, and what use is that to me beyond summing up totals?

NOTE: I also removed PocketFives from the list (they had no votes) … because they, similarly, only have profiles for their own members … though if you are looking for data and results from serious online screen names, they seem to have the best info, well-presented.

UPDATE: Just discovered (in the process of doing this post) PokerListings’ online-player database — complete with their cool MarketPulse thingy — and theirs may be better than P5’s.

(Way) Outside the WSOP – Main Event Day 8

by , Jul 15, 2009 | 5:23 am

The moment the poker world has been waiting for nearly two weeks comes to a climax this afternoon with the final 27 players in the Main Event playing down to the November Nine. Here’s how the final three tables will look when play kicks off around 12 noon (database results courtesy of The Hendon Mob):

(Table 1)
Seat 1: Jesse Haabak – 2,750,000
Seat 2: Ian Tavelli – 4,385,000
Seat 3: James Calderaro – 6,475,000
Seat 4: Jonathan Tamayo – 3,300,000
Seat 5: Warren Zackey – 5,485,000
Seat 6: Eric Buchman – 10,005,000
Seat 7: Leo Margets1,530,000
Seat 8: Tommy Vedes – 5,070,000
Seat 9: James Akenhead – 8,615,000

(Table 2)
Seat 1: Phil Ivey – 11,350,000
Seat 2: Jeff Shulman – 10,170,000
Seat 3: George Caragiorgas – 1,615,000
Seat 4: Nick Maimone – 1,545,000
Seat 5: Andrew Lichtenberger – 5,625,000
Seat 6: Marco Mattes – 5,285,000
Seat 7: Joseph Cada – 6,565,000
Seat 8: Darvin Moon – 20,160,000
Seat 9: Jordan Smith – 4,510,000

(Table 3)
Seat 1: Jamie Robbins – 9,795,000
Seat 2: Antonio Esfandiari – 4,470,000
Seat 3: Francois Balmigere – 1,440,000
Seat 4: Ludovic Lacay – 5,610,000
Seat 5: Steven Begleiter – 11,885,000
Seat 6: Ben Lamb – 9,410,000
Seat 7: Antoine Saout – 11,135,000
Seat 8: Kevin Schaffel – 11,245,000
Seat 9: Billy Kopp – 15,970,000

When play resumes, there will be 7:17 left in the 50,000/100,000/10,000 level, moving to 60,000/120,000/15,000. For Amy and The Shrink, there’s an extra 580,000 in chips spread out among the remaining field.

Here’s the chart of the players that made the money:

Updates resume starting at noon over at and Pokerati will have other news during the day, so come back later, please.

Page 2 contains excerpts from Nolan Dalla’s tournament report:


(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 21

by , Jun 16, 2009 | 7:14 am

Recapping the Monday evening tournament action…

$10k Heads-Up Going Overtime

The $10,000 NL Holdem Heads-Up World Championship is down to the final match as John Duthie takes on Leo Wolpert in a best of three match at 12pm (broadcast here and at for international viewers to determine a winner. Duthie, the founder of the European Poker Tour, which announced the first half of its schedule yesterday, takes on Wolpert a professional poker player who went back to law school and is currently on a summer internship in Nevada, will attempt to pick up their first career bracelet and the $625,682 that goes with it.

Eise Uses the Force to Win a Bracelet

Mike “The Force” Eise made his first tournament cash worthy of a bracelet, taking down the $1,500 NL Holdem event defeating Jeff Chang heads-up for the title as well as picking up a hefty $639,331.

Boatman Leads the Mob in PLO

Ross Boatman, member of the Hendon Mob (the best place to find tournament results) leads the final table in the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha final table, which is seated as follows when play resumes at 2pm :

Seat 1: Jeff Kimber – 525000
Seat 2: Rami Boukai – 325000
Seat 3: Dallas Flowers – 239000
Seat 4: Ross Boatman – 718000
Seat 5: J.C. Tran – 387000
Seat 6: John Juanda – 129000
Seat 7: Theo Jorgensen – 419000
Seat 8: Chad Layne – 206000
Seat 9: Jean-Philippe Leandri – 324000

Soulier Écouter en $1,500 Cheval

Fabrice Soulier is the chip leader (351,000) when day 3 of the $1,500 HORSE resumes at 2pm with 23 players remaining. Shannon Shorr (323,500), Joseph Serock (152,500), Chris Bjorin (143,000) Vanessa Rousso (131,000), James Van Alstyne (130,000), Kathy Raymond (111,000), and Bryan Micon (76,000) and Paul Darden (54,500) are some of the notables remaining when play resumes.

Shan Jing Rings Up Day 1 Chip Lead

Shan Jing holds the chip lead (137,400) when day 2 of the $2,000 NL Holdem event restarts at 2pm today with 220 players remaining, 171 of which make the money. Ken Lennaard (109,200), Alex Bolotin (100,700), Luke Staudenmaier (88,600), Neil Channing (65,900), and Chau Giang (57,600) are some of the notables in the top half of the leaderboard, which will try to make the final table by the 3am deadline.

Harman Leading Lady in World Championship Event

116 players will return at 2pm today to resume the $10,000 Limit Holdem World Championship with Jennifer Harman the day 1 chip leader (127,600). Maria Ho (113,400), Josh Arieh (112,100), Shaun Deeb (106,000), and Chino Rheem (87,400) are notables in the top 10. Ville Wahlbeck is trying for his 5th straight cash in a 10k buyin event, 44th with 54,400 in chips. Only 18 make the money with a goal of the final table a possibility.

Tuesday’s Tournament

Only one event on the calendar today, the fourth $1,500 NL Holdem donkament, this version was won last year by David Woo for over $630,000 in a field of 2,720. The WSOP Staff Guide projects a field of 2,569, so take the over with at least 2,700 signing up to try their hand at that game they saw on ESPN.

Plenty of action yet again today at the WSOP, follow the action at and other stuff on Pokerati during your Two for Tuesday.

Full Tilt = Full House

by , Jun 21, 2008 | 3:03 pm

Evidently, Robert Williamson III is now a Full Tilt Pro. When I asked an FTP rep about the possibility of a forthcoming press release, I was told that there was not one planned because the information already leaked out. Ummm, putting a patch on the guy is a pretty good hint for those of us paying attention.

Although, as I looked over the list of Full Tilt team members, pros, and friends on the website, I realize exactly how many players are on the Full Tilt Poker roster and how easily a new signing could be overlooked. In fact, Williamson isn’t even listed on the site yet.

The list of FTP players is impressive and confusing at the same time… How many players can feel truly represented by a site that sponsors approximately 123 people? It would be like having dozens of siblings; how much one-on-one time with the parents will each one get?

There is also a tier of sponsorships, a little like a ranking of the kids from most special to barely recognizable. On one end, there is Team Full Tilt – Lederer, Ferguson, Ivey, Hansen, Harman, et al. Listed below that category is Team CardRunners, then the Hendon Mob, then the Full Tilt Pros, and finally the Friends of Full Tilt. Friends include Bruce Buffer, authors Michael Craig and Jim McManus, commentator Ali Nejad, Jerry Yang, and a few others whose names don’t ring a bell. It’s the Pro category that blows my mind a little, with lots of well-known pros mixed with several players I’ve never heard of. Just makes me wonder about the criteria when David Singer and Lee Watkinson are in the same category with Christoph Wolters and Roland Specht.

I wonder if there’s a limit as to the number of players that Full Tilt wants, needs, or will tolerate. It’s already quite the full house.

(Way) Outside the WSOP – (Day 23/Week 3 Review)

by , | 8:09 am

Recapping the Friday action and a preview for today:

The $1,500 7 Card Stud winner turned out to be Mike Rocco, who endured the barbs of Al Barbieri to take down his first bracelet and about $135,000.

The $10,000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better World Championship stopped play with 18 left, they get to return at 3pm to determine their winner. The final two tables have plenty of notable names remaining, which consist of:

Table 14

1 Danny Dang 257,000
2 Stuart Paterson 96,000
3 Eugene Katchalov 252,000
4 Chau Giang 384,000
5 Shun Uchida 134,000
6 Pat Pezzin 65,000
7 David Benyamine 378,000
8 Ram Vaswani 569,000
9 Toto Leonidas 269,000

Table 15

1 Brent Carter 114,000
2 Jason Gray 347,000
3 Berry Johnston 338,000
4 Mike Matusow 396,000
5 David Chiu 372,000
6 Greg Jamison 208,000
7 Hieu “Tony” Ma 319,000
8 Ray Dehkharghani 149,000
9 William McMahan 76,000

The ESPN360 final table for today on the next page…


(Way) Outside the WSOP (Day 15)

by , Jun 13, 2008 | 6:44 am

Happenings from yesterday with a preview of today’s action::

The two final tables yesterday have been covered enough here so on to the day 2 action. The $5,000 NL Holdem final table is now set for this afternoon under the ESPN360 cameras shortly after 2pm.

Seat 1: Anders Henriksson 311,000
Seat 2: Jacobo Fernandez 848,000
Seat 3: Rajesh Vohra 1,040,000
Seat 4: Ben Sprengers 441,000
Seat 5: Adam Geyer 645,000
Seat 6: Scott Freeman 423,000
Seat 7: Scott Seiver 2,512,000
Seat 8: Chuck Sklar 439,000
Seat 9: Dave Seidman 653,000

More after the jump:


(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 3 ($1,500 NL Day 1b + 10k PL Holdem Final Table)

by , Jun 1, 2008 | 5:57 am

Another day, another 2,000 players will be expected to start play in the first $1,500 NL event of the 2008 WSOP. When play starts shortly after 12pm PT today, the record for the largest field in WSOP preliminary event history will have been set, all that’s left to be answered is if it can break the magical 4,000 figure. Today’s field will match the progress of day 1a, playing eight 60-minute levels plus the first 16 minutes, 13 seconds of level 9.

Today will also have the first final table, as the $10,000 PL Holdem event finished up just before 5:00am, setting up a fantastic final table under the ESPN cameras. This final table has something for every section of the poker community. You have the young Internet stars (Mike Sowers and Amit Makhija), players wel-known to the mainstream audience (Phil Laak and Mike Sexton), a female player (Kathy Liebert), a math genius (Andy Bloch), international stars (Patrik Antonius and Nenad Medic) and a good ole boy from North Carolina (Chris Bell).

Here’s how the final table will be seated:

RIP – Ernest Scherer Jr.

by , Mar 15, 2008 | 9:45 pm

As reported by, professional poker player Ernest Scherer Jr., 60, and his wife Charlene Abendroth, 57, were found dead in their Pleasanton, California home on Friday morning.

While no details are being reported yet, authorities are investigating the deaths as homicides.

The Hendon Mob results are difficult to verify because Ernest Scherer only has two tournament cashes to his name, while Ernest Scherer III (presumably his son) is listed as having over $330,000 in tournament winnings.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure to meet father or son during my time in the poker community. But in this terrible time, may the family find some peace.

Liger’s Chasing with skills

by , Jul 11, 2007 | 1:46 am

Familiar faces left in Day 2a are few and far between. John Duthie (one of my favorites) is among the chip leaders with Huck Seed not too far behind and David Levi working a short stack. On break Levi said he wasn’t too excited about 50k after a big loss but since he started the day with only 15k…then he shrugged his shoulders. John Duthie said he was up and down but thought he should be okay if he made it through tonight. I should say so…Duthie is looking good with a stack over 300k
Not Bobby Baldwinbobbybaldwin.jpg

Other notables are Houston’s Ted Leva, Bobby Baldwin (see photo), Bruno Fitoussi, Neil Channing, Robert Mizrachi and Tobey Maguire. They are down to 386 players and will play down to 350 tonight “no matter what.”

BTW – I announced Liger in the media room and someone from not America said “Did you say Liger? I didn’t know anyone knew they existed, I know a lot about Ligers!”

Re-hustling the Hendon Mob

by , May 15, 2007 | 4:35 am

Not sure why Ram Vaswani’s not in the vid (playing golf with Phil Ivey, perhaps?) but check it out … the Hendon Mob getting cheated in a recent televised home game: