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Dream Team Media Day

Real-money event tomorrow

by , Jul 11, 2009 | 9:47 am

Players can register for the event at the Dream Team Poker Registration booth in the Rio Convention Center Rotunda across from the jersey wall
Hours: 10am –9pm (Friday & Saturday) 9am – 12noon (Sunday)

A soon to be coveted Last Place media trophy, paying proper homage to The Hammer.

Pauly’s got a great write-up explaining YTF we all get so into this Dream Team Poker stuff … the accolades honestly aren’t just because we’re pimping partners. It’s more the other way around — we’re willing to do their bidding because they do such a fine job, which was evident in their dress-rehearsal for tomorrow’s event, which looks to be the biggest event ever (in terms of field size, at least) of its kind.

Mad from the Pokerstarsblog (aka the Pokerstarzistan state-run media), has taken part in some team poker events over in Europe but still saw this one as a bit of a gimmick — everyone’s skeptical at first — and yet by the time she was eliminated and her hopes left hanging on teammate Dennis Phillips, she described it as “the most fun I’ve ever had in the Rio — on this side of it at least.”

In footage that we like to think of as rawer than RawVegas, I took a bunch of pictures really really fast to give you a glimpse. Seriously, may well have been the first WSOP media event ever — at least in the 21st century — that had a sizable rail. And while the turbo format knocked people out quickly, it should come as little surprise that a bunch of media on their “day off” stuck around to behave like Japanese tourists:


Top 10 Referrers

by , Jun 25, 2009 | 12:12 pm

Interesting … for the month of June, my favorite people, in order, are:

Tao of Poker
Wicked Chops
Pokerisivut (Finnish)
Poker Grump
Poker Road Nation
Pokerista (Finnish)


by , Apr 20, 2009 | 5:49 pm

Doyle Brunson is on the grid, that’s for sure. In his latest blog post, which I read via Facebook, he tells us he’s really getting into Twitter. Here’s his address if you want to follow him:

In doing so, you’ll learn why he’s not playing in the WPT Championship, and that Phil Ivey lost $1 million in Bobby’s Room last night.

And then, back to his blog, he explains to all the Teabaggers out there why he thinks they should STFU!

I headed over to my CPA to get my taxes done and ran into a traffic jam. Hundreds of people were blocking the streets having what they called a “tea party”. I think they were protesting the current financial crisis our nation is going through, but some of the signs were ridiculous. “Impeach Obama”, “What comes after trillions”, “Stop spending our money” and other statements blaming our president. For Pete’s sake, let’s give the guy a chance to straighten this mess up. I got a lot of heat for voting for McCain, but I knew when I cast a late vote, John didn’t have a chance to win. I was just being loyal to the Republican Party. But now that the nation has spoken that they wanted Obama, we should all support him.

SCOOP Main Event Live Blogs at PokerStars

Warning: Self-Promotion Contained Herein

by , Apr 13, 2009 | 12:34 pm

It’s the question running amok in blogging circles. It plagues readers’ innermost thoughts and causes rampant speculation. What am I having for lunch today? Where is California Jen?

I’ve been here and there, but over the past two weeks, I’ve been relatively consumed with the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars as part of the event blogging team assigned with recapping the 22 events and 66 tournaments. And today is the grand finale – Day 2 of each of the main events. Readers can follow the events at the tables or via our live blog. On the menu today is:

$10,300 Main Event, hosted by Short-Stacked Shamus and Yours Truly

$1,050 Main Event, hosted by Spaceman and Drizz

$109 Main Event, hosted by F-Train and Tuscaloosa Johnny

Is Russ Hamilton about to Get Al Capwned?

IRS wants a word with excommunicated UB leader, too

by , Feb 9, 2009 | 5:31 pm

This is more than just Rumorati … it’s based on actual purported facts and second-hand semi-verified info:

Word is that the IRS has been in direct contact with at least two important and well-informed online pokerers who may or may not have important data on Russ Hamilton and the money stolen via Ultimate Bet. And this is not just some computer in Washington DC sending out form letters — there’s apparently a special agent in Nevada currently investigating the case.

What they’re interested in is 20 million untaxed dollars. And as is starting to get revealed since RawVegas went commando with their cameras, there is clearly more to this case than just an online poker cheating scandal and subsequent tax evasion … there could be some money laundering involved … which is kinda funny (not funny ha ha) because money laundering was one of the primary reasons given for the UIGEA … and now we have an example of how the law to prevent it may indeed have facilitated it.

I don’t know enough about how IRS investigations work to know what kind of teeth this thing really has — but I’d like to think that so long as the Feds keep an eye out for one-way tickets to Costa Rica by any R. Hamilton’s … in the end, one way or another, his fate is not going to be left in the hands of the Kahnawake.

Head Case

Makes a great keychain or fridge magnet!

by , Dec 23, 2008 | 10:11 am

During the big blogger get-together earlier this month, one of my most mind-tickling new friends I made was Human Head. He’s a great writer, a cosmological thinker, and has a really big head … as in physically, not egotistically. (No offense, Sang, you’re #2.)

Anyhow, as HH writes up his trip report, he spends a fair amount of digital ink discussing my atrocious bustout hand against my most kidney-jabbing new pal, PKPNF. Argh, for nearly five years now I’ve been trying to build up an “image” as a weak-aggressive player … setting myself up for a bigger, long-term win. But considering I have hardly made it past a break in a blogger tourney, I’m not sure that’s going so well for me. In Human Head’s (accurate) analysis … my play that day was clearly inspired by this.

Winning Keno Tips

by , Dec 21, 2008 | 9:05 am

From the guy against whom I played my worst hand of December (and a Top 5 finalist for 2008):

[via Pauly]

Tao of Kenorati

by , Dec 16, 2008 | 1:04 pm

Sure, the Bellagio 5-Diamond is a pretty big deal to the pros — it’s one of those tourneys that harkens back to pre-boom days of the WSOP, both in competition and relative size of the buy-ins. Every table is star-studded, and the no-names who make it to the Fontana Room have fought hard to get there, knowing mathematically maybe one or two of them stands a chance of doing something truly special.

Postcard from the Venetian: Wish you were here not really.

You wouldn’t know anything about it, though, from the 82 bloggers who were in town for the fourth or fifth (anyone know?) annual Unnamed Winter Blogger Holiday Gathering — this year honoring the netty nuptials of Pablo and Gracie (ceremony officiated by Rev. AlCantHang). While all that mattered to the professional world was going on at Bellagio, what attracted reps from the other 99.9 percent of poker players out there was shaking down and out at the MGM and Venetian … where friends, colleagues, and acquaintances gathered for boozing, boasting, bitching, and busting chops, all surrounding a big-but-affordable challenging tourney that would reward on-the-felt bad-assness with real American dollars while everyone else still enjoyed ever-festive poker-bloggery times.

A full moon was closer to Earth than usual, naturally enhancing the funk. Dr. Pauly busted out the portable satellite Tao of Pokerati studio, and before you knew it, our recorded commentary degenerated into lunar analysis of semi-annual drunkfests, slumped-over gambling addicts, donk-ass keno play, and, of course, hookers in a down economy on the late-night Vegas prowl. Recorded live from an extended weekend’s worth of bars, sportsbooks, bedrooms, bathrooms, and casino floors … with guest appearances by Derek, Human Head, Bobby Bracelet, Mean Gene, and PKPNF, before and after his unsuccessful relationship with Betty Underground.

Aural delights below:


Good-Better-Best of Poker

We’re Number 1/10!

by , Dec 15, 2008 | 10:02 am

Bluff also has their 2008 Reader’s Choice Awards ballots up online, where they’re naming “Bests” in 20 categories — asking your favorite online sites, broadcasters, poker rooms, forums, podcasts, etc. Pokerati is one of 10 finalists in the blog category. Sweet-ish!

Cast your ballot accordingly. To encourage your willingness to spend your valuable click-time with Bluff, all respondents go into a drawing for WSOP Academy seats and a one-year subscription(?) to thepokerdb … which is already free, but still.

Dead-Tired Money

by , Dec 14, 2008 | 3:51 am

A lot of poker people are in town for a lot of reasons — the big blogger tourney at Venetian, and the $15k pro event at Bellagio, to name two. Apparently Donkey Bomber is hitting the meth again, as the self-proclaimed bankroll management and mixed games expert calls in after a long-ass high-stakes session binge and seems happy to report how he turned $800 into a $48,000 loss.

Unstuck? (feat. Tom Schneider)

No word on whom he was playing against, but either way … Well done, Tom. I’m sure Julie is proud of your amazing comeback. Keep at it.

Can I Buy a Word?

by , Dec 10, 2008 | 1:37 pm

I think so, as the document below just came in … indicating not only that Pokerati can dot its “i” with a little ® now, but also that … well, um … I think that’s all. But still, kinda exciting around these parts to know we now have more grounds to theoretically protect our intellectual property sue somebody for something!

This webspace is now the official home of all things Poker followed by an “ati”.

Head in the Game

Shrinky-dink takes down PLRGC2Ev1

by , Nov 24, 2008 | 1:49 pm

We love the guys at PokerListings more and more … not only do they bowl well and generally produce quality poker content, but also, they get it: They can buy a blogger’s affection by throwing freerolls with quality cash prizes at stake. Brilliant, as the British would say.

In the first go-round of the Run Good Challenge, the guys hosting the event dominated. Oops, not very hospitable. But they rolled the money over and then the ladies started winning, including Change100’s victory in the Grand Final. But in event #1 of Run Good Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo, the one only semi-employed male in the field with firsthand memories of Bobby Riggs losing to Billie Jean King took it down — kudos to Dr. Tim for making a stand on behalf of chubby white bald men who, frankly, needed the inspiration to know, Yes We Can!

The Shrink won $600 for his Sunday-morning skills, fending off attacks from his writing partner Amy Calistri ($300) and longtime Pokerati fave Michele Lewis ($100).

California Jen, Liz Lieu, and Lacey Jones apparently missed the starting bell, but yours truly woke up to his PokerStars alarm this time — seriously, you get a rousing beep on the first hand if you register for the tourney pre-sleep and leave Stars running overnight — but couldn’t get his head fully in the game before pushing all-in with his Q3o vs. the eventual winner’s Q8s (on a flop of Q-8-x) … damn, finished 11th out of 14, which seems about right for how I played almost into Level 2.

Pro Blog Props

by , Nov 14, 2008 | 2:21 pm

If you haven’t voted a few times already, there’s a poll right over there ( –> ) asking you what’s your favorite poker blog by a bona fide poker pro. Daniel Negreanu is running away with it, as he probably should be. My personal fave: Doyle Brunson’s blog.

Not only do I enjoy the Doylism of the Day, but also, Big Poppa can write! In his most recent post, he explains why having backed John McCain doesn’t make him anti-poker any more than it makes him a racist:

First, I’m about as far away from being a racist as you can get. I’ve had black friends all my life, and I mean really good friends. That was back before it was “fashionable” to have blacks as friends.

Hmm, that might be a dig at anyone like me who has specifically been courting black girls, thinking interracial intercourse is about to become all the rage (just kidding LaTasjia — you’re still my #1 shorty). But seriously … check it out — not only does Doyle’s blog have other good blogstuff such as a relatively personal Flickr gallery, but also he was able to make a solid point for voting McCain in four paragrafs that neither Tom nor my dad could do in four weeks of email manifestos and belligerent phone calls. It’s the kinda writing I’ve grown to expect from Brunson, who clearly has refined his skills in the 36 years since authoring Super/System.

Another pretty good one comes from Annette 15. Even though the Michelle Wie of Poker (?) says she’s really more of a forum girl, Annette Obrestad’s blog (added to the poll by a reader) is filled with worthwhile reads from a young pro making her way through the high-stakes world, live and online. I really dug her post introducing “set mining” to me (the phrase, if not the concept), with a simple, straightforward math-based explanation of when it’s worth seeing if you’re pocket pair can trip up.

Anyhow, just a couple that I’ve found worth the clicks and eyeball time, and possibly a few votes.

Live Broadcasting of the WSOP Main Event Final Tables

by , Nov 11, 2008 | 1:19 am

If you’re just tuning in and/or need something to pass the time between episodes of Tao of Pokerati … there is a live audio broadcast of what’s going on at the felt — hosted by Nick Geber, who is joined now by Lacey Jones and Daniel Negreanu. Click here to tune in. (With cool chipstack/blind ticker on display, too.)

Also at … Commish Jeffrey Pollack is back to blogging.

UPDATE: Daniel is talking about Eric Morris’ “ass cleavage”. Yikes.

ALSO: This slightly delayed (10 minutes maybe?) audio coverage is really good. Some Russians have written in saying it’s allowing them to follow their man Ivan Moneymaker/Demidov.

Tao of Pokerati: The Novembrists

by , Nov 10, 2008 | 5:25 pm

Ylon Schwartz check-raises with nothing into the nuts of Peter Eastgate, and Pauly and I begin the countdown and begin speculating on what two Eurokids (and maybe even Dennis Phillips) will mean for poker/PokerStars … and where poker is in Europe these days. But are Russians dead money or just scary? Maybe a little bit of both? Plus advanced blogging strategy by Dr. Pauly.

Book 4: WSOP Final Table
Episode 4.9: The Novembrists 5:31