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WSOP Main Event, the Reid-Kyl Letter, and Gary Johnson for Poker President

by , Jul 19, 2011 | 11:21 am

We speak again to our friend Dan Pokerati Michalski about the WSOP and the recent developments with online poker as well as his conversation with Gary Johnson.

Sit and Go Pro (Ep 25 – with Kevmath)

by , Jul 1, 2011 | 4:09 pm

The Epic Poker League still sounded more like a Sugar Bowl sponsor (as FS+G) when yours truly won his seat into their inaugural $1,500 event at the Palms last weekend. Excited to play … but also thinking ’bout selling it, as I’m pretty sure these seats are transferable, and I already had plans that weekend to learn the ways of a seasoned pro by going on a vision quest at the Poker Sweat Lodge with Greg Raymer and Tom Schneider.

For now, play it by ear …

2011 WSOP – Episode 25: Sit and Go Pro
A group of prolific tweeters play in a satellite to the FS+G Epic Poker League $1500 pro-am — a tournament series taking shape that few know what to make of yet. None other than Bluff correspondent Kevin Mathers shows up to provide a comparative assessment of what he just witnessed — as somehow Dan ends up winning, beating @Alcanthang, @JoeUgly, @Hollywood_Dave, and others with questionable play. A rather large rail developed to hear Kevmath laughing heartily on the inside. Whatev, says Dan, who won a seat, took home some cash, and now apparently thinks he’s a pro.
For more episodes, visit the Tao of Pokerati archives or subscribe to the feed .

fsg epic poker palms las vegas

Ahh, now I get it! Concept behind Federated’s Epic Pro-Am series starting to make sense.

Grey Friday?

by , Apr 29, 2011 | 12:41 pm

Not everyone is calling it “Black Friday”. For Euros who opted out of the US in ’06 and mighta started believing that coulda been a wrong decision, it was “White Friday”.

The DOJ’s virtual handcuffing of Full Tilt and PokerStars two weeks ago not only neutered two industry giants (who made billions in North America while others sat on the sidelines), but also supposedly leveled the playing field worldwide for US-abstainers who supposedly found it harder to compete in Europe or anywhere against companies benefitting from the vast liquidity American players provided.

Thus the inaugural iGaming North America conference in Las Vegas next week is kicking off their new-era industry confab with a special session called Assessing ‘Grey Friday’ and the Expected Fallout … get it? Black + White = Gray Grey.

Should be interesting to hear from gaming industry insiders who’ve never appeared on Poker After Dark or in Day 1 chip counts speaking about “the road to regulation”, as per the theme of @iGamNA‘s shindig.

Check out the lineup here. You’ll see both Stu and I are serving on panels. @GamingCounsel‘s gonna be schoolin’ about Canada …

  • Mapping Canada’s Future in Online Gambling
  • … while I’m a panelist for the closing session:

  • The New Challenge for Online Poker – Playing the Hand That’s Been Dealt
  • There’s no live-stream as far as I know, but I’ll be sure to report back as influential industry experts (and a token blogger) assess the important questions moving forward … for me probably starting with, do I need to get a tie?

    Stage Being Set: Harry Reid Plays Rush Poker

    Pokerati punditry in the news

    by , Dec 7, 2010 | 5:05 pm

    Check it out, front page of today’s Las Vegas Sun … got a speaking role in the Harry Reid online poker bill debate, playing a professional know-it-all an expert commentator on casinos, politics, and poker. When yammering on to a “mainstream” journalist for some 45 minutes about a plausibly complex subject, you never quite know which few lines will resonate … but here’s how my part played out in full:

    Proposed language wouldn’t exclude these offshore companies upfront, as Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s previous attempt at Internet gambling legalization would have done. Instead, any gambling operator can apply for a license in the Reid bill. And yet, proposed language would allow only operators of existing casinos or racetracks to obtain licenses in the two years after regulators issue the first Internet poker license.

    This provision, one of the most controversial in the Reid bill, is a reasonable compromise, although it has upset poker players who view it as unfairly benefiting Nevada casino giants over their favored gambling websites, said Dan Michalski, founder and editor of, a Las Vegas-based poker blog.

    Some lawmakers and their constituents view these foreign companies as lawbreakers. And U.S. casino companies probably wouldn’t support an equal playing field for Web casino operators, given that the U.S. companies have waited on the sidelines for more than a decade for the chance to make money online, Michalski said.

    “This kind of puts (the online operators) in the penalty box for a while and says, ‘We might let you in but you’re certainly not going to be the first in line.’ I think that was to be expected.”

    Pokerati Tourney Winner’s/Bustout Interview

    NLH/PLO schooling by Lev

    by , Aug 20, 2010 | 9:32 am

    Really quickly, before today’s poker news starts streaming in and the main event at Detox Poker gets underway … below is the video from the Pokerati tournament earlier this week. It lasted into the wee hours, not unlike this year’s WSOP Final-10-to-November-Nine … yeah, pretty much exactly the same thing.

    Perhaps strangely perhaps not, I have little experience on either side of the bustout interview … but the ever-belletristic Marco from QuadJacks was on hand and presumably half-awake to discuss the finale of Detox Event #11, which saw Lev Serzhenko beat yours truly to claim the $5,184 first prize befitting the newest Pokerati (NLH/PLO) Champion.

    Final hand, btw: No-Limit Hold’em, outchipped about 4:1 … I check-raise all-in when my Ace pairs the flop … Lev calls semi-quickly with open-ended straight and flush draws, and makes runner-runner trips FTW! (Dammit.)

    (Outside) the Detox Poker Series – Day 6 Results

    by , Aug 19, 2010 | 5:41 am

    Wednesday’s tournament action at the Detox Poker Series at the Hard Rock Hotel was good for those who like overlays in guaranteed tournaments, while the founder of the Pokerati Game almost won his own tournament.

    $230 NL Holdem w/ 1 rebuy $50,000 Guarantee

    Event #10, $230 NL Holdem w/ 1 $200 rebuy drew a field of 122 players with 106 rebuys, falling short of the $50,000 guarantee by about $5,000. The final 18 players made the money, with the final table of nine returning this afternoon. Among the notables making the money included Event #1 winner Joe Tehan and 2010 November Niner Joseph “subiime” Cheong, each earning $650. Here’s how the final table looks when play resumes at 3:30pm with 45:45 left in level 14: 1,000/2,000 blinds and a 500 ante:

    Seat 1: Steve Frederick 38,700
    Seat 2: Amir Sandy 180,800
    Seat 3: Jason Eldridge 81,400
    Seat 4: Sam “Homeless” Bensinger 129,700
    Seat 5: Warren Fraleigh 26,400
    Seat 6: Bona Sar 85,500
    Seat 7: Ari Engel 172,100
    Seat 8: David Tuthill 47,500
    Seat 9: Chris Lindh 43,000

    Full results and pictures can be found at the Detox Poker site here.

    $230 Pokerati Game w/ 1 rebuy

    Event #11, the $230 Pokerati Game w/ 1 $200 rebuy, consisting of 9 hands of NL Holdem followed by 9 hands of PLO, drew a field of 31 entrants, with the final five making the money. In what surely was a surprise to all involved, founder Dan Michalski nearly won his own tournament, finishing 2nd to Lev Serzhenko in heads-up play. Serzhenko collects $5,184, along with sash for the win. Michalski earned $2,880 for the runner up finish with Darryl Dauenhauer (3rd $1,728), Aria poker room manager Adam Altwies (4th for $1,152) and Carol Kline ($576) completing the list of players making the money. More pictures of the winner and Michalski here.

    Thursday’s tournament

    One tournament takes place at 1pm this afternoon with another $350 NL Holdem event, with two $140 Mega Satellites scheduled for 5 and 9pm, each with 5 seats added for Friday and Saturday’s $550 NL Holdem – $200,000 Guarantee tournament. To watch the final table of the $50,000 guarantee, find more pictures from the Pokerati game and more stuff, be sure to hit


    Tao of Pokerati

    by , Jun 6, 2010 | 9:00 am

    We swear we’re not gonna get totally self-indulgent here at Pokerati … just maybe on weekends a little bit. After all, you really do care about the people who bring the WSOP to you, or you to the WSOP. If not, all of us shoulda probably found new lines of work long before Moneymaker gave up his title as defending champion.

    More tales from Rio in the summertime … where 90 percent of all who enter are inherently destined to lose … making for an environ of compelling pathos and magnetic despair speckled with moments of joy, happiness, exuberance, and occasionally even redemption-via-bling … which is all it takes to keep people coming back despite the mathematical obstacles to anything more than flitting thrills, let alone life-long success. Oops, I think I mighta just given away the beginning, middle, and end of Pauly’s soon-to-be-released book, Lost Vegas. Meant to be writing about a mystery on-air kiss:

    Episode 12: Missed Connections


    While recording an episode of his other podcast, The Poker Beat, in the Amazon hallway, Dan was interrupted by a phantom beauty kissing him on the forehead before she slipped into the Amazon poker fray. Dan’s not-so-good peripheral vision prevented him from properly IDing his fawning female admirer. During this episode of Tao of Pokerati, Pauly gives him advice on finding out the identity of the kissing bandit, who gave him false brief hope that he may some day find love and meaning — or at least quick-n-hot nookie — at the WSOP.

    (Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 5

    by , Jun 1, 2010 | 6:55 am

    Pokerati Dan on 2+2 Pokercast

    Dan has already noted the final table of the 50k Players’ Championship, scheduled to start at 3pm in front of the cameras for ESPN. While Benjo and Pauly were talking about the final table, Dan was at home, doing an interview with the 2+2 Pokercast (starting around the 1:23:00 mark) to talk about the new-and-improved Rio as well as stories about the NAPT-Venetian and Jeffrey Pollack’s move to the PBR. Don’t forget to check out the links over on the right hand side! He follows Phil Laak discussing his upcoming attempt to set a Guinness record for longest single poker session ever.

    41 Left in Donkament

    In what is scheduled to be the final day of the first $1,000 no-limit event, Drew Crawford is the chip leader at 800,000 when play resumes this afternoon at 3pm. Like last year’s $1,000 event, there may be a decision to hold the final table Wednesday afternoon if it play goes longer than expected this afternoon. Other notables remaining include Terry Fleisher (489,000), Eric Baldwin (479,000), and Champie Douglas (344,000). The complete list of players remaining is now online at PokerNews.

    Omaha 8 down to 26

    Day 3 of the $1,500 Omaha 8 or Better event starts at 3pm as well, with three tables remaining as they play down to a winner. Sasha Rosewood starts play as the leader, with 389,000 in chips. Familiar names also returning: Dan Heimiller (211,000), Ylon Schwartz (166,000), Jeff Madsen (148,000), David Bach (107,000) and Huck Seed (57,000). Team Pokerati pros Robert Goldfarb (29th) and Loudmouth Poker sponsor Tom Schneider (32nd) each earning $6,128. The full list of players remaining is at PokerNews.

    $1,500 NL near the bubble

    223 players remain in the $1,500 NL Holdem when play resumes at 2:30pm this afternoon. 216 will make the money, leading to what should be a short hand-for-hand session. Stephen Foutty leads the field with 207,400 in chips, followed closely by Dwyte Pilgrim (202,000)and Chris Moorman (161,400). Other notables: Praz Bansi (118,700), Lauren Kling (62,800), Shaun Deeb (58,200) and Dewey Tomko (44,900). The full list is also at PokerNews.

    Tuesday’s Tournaments

    Two tournaments scheduled today, at 12 noon is the $5,000 NL Holdem Shootout, with a cap of 2000 players but expecting just a field of around 300. Last year, Peter Traply won this event in a field of 280, winning nearly $350,000. He’s parlayed this success into appearing in the top 50 for this year’s WSOP Tournament of Champions.

    Starting at 5pm is the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball event won last year by Abe Mosseri, and with Team Pokerati’s own Julie Schneider finishing in 3rd. If she and Daniel Negreanu meet up at the same table again, will there be a new Twitter controversy? Fantasizing about the WSOP

    by , May 24, 2010 | 5:43 pm

    The World Series of Poker starts on Friday, and the poker media (except for are getting ready with their various previews and other stuff to get their readers into the mood for six weeks of tournament action. Part of that is the fifth annual WSOP fantasy draft over at Unfortunately, Pokerati’s own Dan Michalski apparently missed the conference call (he had the #1 pick) so here were the twelve participants in this year’s draft:

    Eric Baldwin
    Lance Bradley – Editor at Bluff Magazine
    Andrew Feldman – Poker Editor at
    Chad Holloway – Poker Pro Magazine
    Howard Lederer
    Bernard Lee
    Daniel Negreanu – Defending champion
    Dennis Phillips
    Steve “Chops” Preiss – Wicked Chops Poker
    Mark Seif
    Gavin Smith
    Gary Wise

    Each participant made eight picks in the draft and the handy chart below displays their selections by round:

    A detailed analysis from Feldman on the selections can be found at

    Page 2 features how points are earned and my selections:


    Tao of Pokerati Scores Team Win in Dream Team Poker

    Two team members still fighting for big individual cashes

    by , Jul 13, 2009 | 3:25 pm

    While the 2009 WSOP Main Event pushes forward, the Dream Team Poker tournament rages on in the Brasilia Room at the Rio with three tables in play. It is an exciting event to watch, especially when friends capture the team prize!

    Big congrats to Team Tao of Pokerati, which just found out that their team took down the first place team honors! Lana, Pauly, and Dan will split the $33,017 cashola for outperforming every other team in the tournament (there were 122 of them), and the guys are still in it to win it individually as well. About 20 players remain…

    UPDATE: Looks like Dan cashed in 17th place for double his individual buy-in. Congrats! @Pokerati just twittered… “17th place individual. 1st place team. This cashout cage area is pretty cool!”

    UPDATE 2: Pauly finished in 13th place for nearly three times his buy-in. Per his twitter… “out in 13th place. my A7 lost to kenna james’ 6-6. boooooo!”

    Congrats to the team on a great showing!

    (Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 25 Evening Update

    by , Jun 20, 2009 | 8:53 pm

    Recapping the first half of Saturday tournament action.

    Doyle Done in 10k Stud 8

    The remaining players in the $10,000 Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better World Championship rolls along with 6 players remaining, as Doyle Brunson’s attempt at an 11th bracelet ended when he finished in 7th place. Farzard Rouhani, Abe Mosseri, and Jeff Lisandro are the three players over the 1 million chip mark. Yan Chen, Mike Wattel and Frank Mariani are the short stacks battling to stay alive as the limits are at 30k/60k, leaving the short stacks with under 10 big bets.

    Meanwhile, at the Other Featured Table…

    The $2,000 NL Holdem final table is down to three players, with Jordan Smith the current chip leader at 4,890,000. Laurence Grondin, a Canadian woman, is second at 4,120,000 with Swedish pro Ken Lenaard in third with 1,240,000. Grondin replaces Lika Gerasimova (5th in 5k NL Holdem) as the highest placing female in an open event at this year’s WSOP.

    Obligatory Limit Holdem Mention

    The $2,000 Limit Holdem event is down to 35 players with Eric Rivkin the current chip leader at 165,000 in chips. Rep Porter is 2nd at 138,000, with David Baker (the one from Texas — 106,000), Phil Hellmuth (100,000), Rafe Furst (73,000), and Daniel Negreanu (45,000) among the notables remaining hoping to reach the 3am deadline with a final table. It was just announced during the Stud 8 event that if Hellmuth makes the final table, they will stream that final table over at Bluff magazine’s website.

    Donkament, Chapter Five

    The fifth version of the $1,500 NL Holdem event drew a field of 2,715, of which 873 returned from their dinner break a short while ago. Unfortunately, an unofficial chip leader is hard to come by, but expect a chip leader to be revealed in my Sunday morning update.

    PLO-wing Through $10,000

    The $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship drew a field of 296, down over 80 entrants from last year’s edition. Freddy Deeb is the unofficial chip leader as he’s reporting over 60,000 in chips. Barry Greenstein, Joe Serock and Michael Binger appear in the unofficial top 5, while Daniel Negreanu, Michael Mizrachi, John Duthie, Nam Le and Isaac Haxton are already gone.

    Check out more updates this evening at, and Pokerati for more stuff going around the poker community as Michalski’s may be trying to find out some more about Richard Austin.

    Pokerati’s Dan Michalski on House of Cards Radio tonight

    by , May 4, 2009 | 2:57 pm

    House of Cards Radio with Ashley Adams, airs at 7pm ET tonight on Boston’s 1510 the Zone, listen online here, Dan’s interview should start around 7:05pm.

    Texas’ “Cowboy Capitol” becomes “Poker Capitol”

    by , Apr 21, 2009 | 3:01 pm

    More than 250 players from 98 towns and four different states drove in to Stephenville, TX, for the 6th Annual Cowboy Capitol Poker Tournament. ($300+0 NLH)

    I feel compelled to explain that I am writing this post on my laptop, on the back patio of Risky’s Bar-B-Q in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, during possibly the most beautiful day that Spring will bring to my beloved city. I smile as I listen to one Australian tourist at the table behind me attempt to explain to his mates the American concept of “All-You-Can-Eat Ribs”.

    How It Works
    The Best Real-Money Poker Tournament
    in Texas

    Doc Fletcher: “It’s like trainin’ a horse. After a while you don’t have to keep whippin’em. They go where you want to go.”

    Interview with Stephenville Tournament Director Doc Fletcher 6:58


    Zoom up and out to a poetic blend of southern culture and urban bustle that has made my fair city of Fort Worth a Texas jewel, and the subject of 3.4 million Asian tourist photos. Somewhere a diminutive, fair skinned traveler points out the genitalia of the bovine shaped shrubbery (ala Scissorhands), and covers her mouth to giggle before turning and rushing off in very short, quick steps. And I order another Dos Equis.

    A couple of blocks away is the ornate and grandiose Bass Hall. The Hall is big sister to the Maddox Muse Center, which was once slated to host, what was at the time to be, the largest poker tournament in the state of Texas; The Southwest Poker Invitational. Well,… Until the powers that be leaned on us, referencing an obscure liquor license, used for the occasional wedding reception, and shut us down and took tens of thousands of charitable dollars out of play. The call came on Friday; The tournament was scheduled for Sunday. Just like that 325 players and countless deserving beneficiaries of the charitable event were sucked out on at the river. I remember well, because it was my tournament. Go Texas!


    (Almost) On Air: Poker Beat

    by , Apr 16, 2009 | 12:28 pm

    We’re going on a little early … 12:30 pacific … as former PokerNews honcho John Caldwell officially joins the crew today. Tune in live or catch the podcast later on Also on today’s episode there’s gonna be some Dan vs. BJ action, over the relevance, facts, and significance of Mitch Garber’s reported heading to Harrah’s. The important question is, of course, which one of us is Hannity, and which is Colmes?

    Dannity and Bjolmes.

    Poker-fueled Wordsmitheriness


    by , Apr 14, 2009 | 5:56 am

    Hey, I coined a phrase!

    Glad to see that all these years of compensating for my limited vocabulary with hyphens has finally paid off. High on the glory and power of being recognized for my creative typing by non-poker strangers, expect many failed attempts to repeat myself to ensue.

    In the meantime, enjoy all sorts of useful yet unScrabbleable words here.