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Speaking of the Rounder Club …

by , Sep 28, 2006 | 3:02 pm

Is this merry band of poker gypsies again without a home? I received an email a couple weeks ago saying they were back (!) and here’s the new venue yadda yadda. And then about a week later I received an email from “Gabe” saying this same venue — on its second name and like third or fourth owner — was shutting its doors for good … and then a third email from another source confirming the closure in the form of an equipment fire sale.

All this kinda begs the question, too, of whether or not the Rounder Club needs a home to exist.

Local boys make good

by , Sep 27, 2006 | 11:08 pm

TUNICA RESORTS, MS — Rounder Club regulars Frank Nasufi and Tim Staraveci made the money in WSOP Circuit Event No. 3 ($300+$40) Wednesday. Tim was still going strong with a decent stack and four tables left as of 10 p.m. Frank, who has knocked out the Minnow more than once, came in 42nd. Word has it he played aggressively. First place is worth $51,902. Congrats, gentlemen.

OH YEAH: The Minnow finished in the 160s, out of el dinero. An over the top all-in did not fly.

UPDATE: Tim finished 24th, cashing nearly a G.

Rounder Club Gone Wild

by , Sep 2, 2006 | 7:40 pm

rcparty024.JPGJust cleaning up the desktops (virtual and wood) and stumbled across some entertaining, near-forgotten party pics, which I have dumped in the Pokerati Gallery. A poker tournament did break out, by the way, after the camera got put away. Can you figure out who was the winner? (Note:It wasn’t Como.)

Como Express rolls on through Vegas

by , Aug 6, 2006 | 12:16 am

LAS VEGAS–I hope this Rounder Club vs. Batfaces donnybrook doesn’t turn into an East Coast/West Coast thing with Tupac or Tiny B getting gunned down in Vegas. While the BFs still arguably have an edge in cash games, the Rounders as a whole are seeing better, more consistent results in tournaments. Funny how that happens when they play 3 or 4 a week, and no wonder there is a little overlap. (I’ve got my RC card somewhere …)

Anyhow, Como and The Don hit the $180 buy-in tourney at the Venetian a couple nights ago — supposedly great, skill-friendly starting chips and blind structure. There were 140something players … Como got 5th, and Don got 1st. Congrats to both for kicking ass!

There was all sorts of chopping and horsing involved, so I’m not exactly sure what the payouts were, but it was in the neighborhood of $4-5k for Don, nearly $2k for Como, who I am pretty sure doesn’t want to leave town.

A little more Dallas Poker

by , Aug 3, 2006 | 6:23 am

LAS VEGAS–It seems clear now that the Rounder Club plays better poker than the Batfaces. The Big Randy is out … he started off in a very comfortable position on a very comfortable table, didn’t get any cards, then 45 minutes later was moved to a very aggressive table with lots of big stacks … and he still didn’t get any cards. OK, maybe not all RCers are as good as all BFs, but the best Rounders are provably better than the best Batfaces — overlap not withxcluded. With a $40k win and far better backing deals, Como is (thus far) the TBR of 2006.

Meanwhile, none other than Manny Mendoza took down a $175 satellite at the Rio today. He was out-chipped 2:1 when it got down to heads-up, and unable to negotiate a chop, he reversed the chip differential and then chopped … he took two $500 chips, the other guy took one, and I’m not sure what happend to the money ($120 cash) … I think they played for that and Manny won. Regardless, Manny will be competing for a bracelet in tomorrow’s $1,000 event.

I also hear that Steve Carter was doing well in the main event. But no confirmation of that.

UPDATE: OK, am pretty sure Steve Carter is still alive and well — thanks Alicia, for the heads-up! — but how he’s doing is another story. For now, we’ll go with CardPlayer, which has “James Steve Cartee” near the chip lead, with more than 210,000 chips.

According to PokerPages, there’s also a “Jame Cartee,” who curiously has only 21,000 chips.

Platinum Room West?

by , Jul 13, 2006 | 5:45 am

LAS VEGAS–Speaking of table-mates, it seems that just as one group of Rounder Clubbers leaves Las Vegas, another rolls in. Not counting the guys who live at Rounder Club West (Don and Doctor Steve), I’d like to wager that the World Series won’t have a day without at least one Dallas-based Rounder Clubber. The guy I ran into today was Terry K. Didn’t even hear that he was going to show. Fascinating, I know.

But kinda interesting considering they have no $35 tourneys here at the WSOP. Seriously, anyone want any action on this?

Platinum Room Closed

by , Jun 27, 2006 | 4:27 pm

Just got word from a super-reliable source that the Platinum Room is also “taking a break.” Doors are shut.

Er, anyone wanna go to Vegas?

(And in answer to the commentors in the previous post, there was no raid … but there were some cops checking out an errant burglar alarm next door … which may or may not be a nice way to set up a great green room for the TV show!)

Re: Undercover Underground

by , Jun 24, 2006 | 4:57 pm

FrontBurner reports on the outing of Dallas poker rooms. Well done, Paul K. Way to be on top of things … except for the mistake you have about Top Shelf being on Walnut Ridge. (It is not … the other room exposed is the one on Walnut Ridge.) Inconsequential error, I know. But in the future, you may want to turn to Pokerati for your breaking poker news instead of a site built on stolen content — especially when the Channel 8 story it steals already has a few errors of its own.

(NOTE: Kinda funny that the tagline on the stolen story is “FRAUD”?)

Undercover Underground

by , Jun 19, 2006 | 11:51 pm

Just came home to a couple voicemails telling me about a story on Channel 8 tonight … about underground poker in Dallas. Haven’t seen the piece yet, but sources say the hidden-camera footage took place at The Lounge. Not sure how different it is from the story Sarah Dodd did two years ago … or if there are other places yet to be shown. But you know, Belo might be on to something …

UPDATE: Rounder Club exposed?