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RE: Dance, Shannon, Dance!

by , Mar 18, 2008 | 2:53 pm

As posted a month ago, Shannon Elizabeth is going to be on Dancing With the Stars. Well, Shannon fans, her premiere episode is tonight. Technically, the premiere was last night but the women don’t dance until tonight.

Shannon and her friends are asking for votes, so here is the info she passed along:

Voting for this week is tonight, Tuesday the 18th. The number changes each week so make sure to keep checking back for the new number.

Phone & text lines open at 9pm East and West Coast and will stay open until 30 minutes after the end of the show (show ends at 10:30-so 11:00pm polls close).

Online voting will remain open until noon Eastern Time the next day.

Everyone should be able to vote 6 times this week (12 next week because you get a vote for every person on the show so as people get eliminated you lose 1 vote each week) from any single IP address, 6 texts (AT&T customers only) and 6 calls.

For more info go to and click on the Dancing with the Stars link.



Text Code: 3407

If you’re so inclined, rock the vote!

UPDATE: Shannon did a great job. She seemed nervous but got a good score and looked great. And yes, I voted… 6 times online.

Go Big Tom!

by , Nov 28, 2007 | 2:02 pm

Our favorite Donkey Bomber is back in Vegas … trying to score some bank at the Venetian’s NPL Vegas Open. He did OK in his first go — making another final table and finishing 3rd. It was a $2,500 NLH event, with 61 players. According to Tom via text:

6:40 pm: Down to 3 medium stak
7:59 pm: Out3rd qq vs a5 4 a lot of money

Kathy Liebert would go on to win this event, and the $55k first prize. Still, not a bad warm-up for the main event, which starts this coming Monday. It’s a $15,000 buy-in and should be a doozy.

Tom is making his desperate last-ditch effort to win CardPlayer’s Player of the Year, where he currently is ranked 6th. Though he has not been mathematically eliminated from contention, he basically needs to kick major ass while relying on Bill Edler, JC Tran, David Pham to seriously falter.

Go Arizona (Championship) Poker!

by , Aug 18, 2007 | 3:07 pm

The Arizona State Poker Championship has gotten underway — and Pokerati’s embedded reporter Robert Goldfarb texts in an update from the front lines:

11:07 am (Pacific)
396 players remain 450 started. I have 11.7k/10k start. 1st break.

Nice start. Clearly Goldfarb’s game is on. Go Big Robert!

Click below to read the Casino Arizona press release with some more basics about this event.


1:23 pm
Lost big pot all in preflop had kk v a5 4000 now

Yikes, not a preferred situation. I don’t know enough about Goldfarb’s play … does he go on tilt easily or almost never when the chips are down but he’s still alive and kickin’?

1:38 pm
I don’t tilt.

OK ok. Now don’t you have a tournament (and a short stack) to be focusing on, Robert? Just so the readers know, I did some fact-checking, and hmm, wow, apparently you are indeed capable of not going on tilt en route to victory.

1:40 pm
Got allin with qq v k2, up to 7250.

Oh yeah … back in action, beyotch. By the way, the longer you can stay alive, the longer Pokerati gets to serve as the unofficial “exclusive” semi-live update provider of this event. Your paycheck depends on it No pressure.

2:48 pm
All in for 2k w/88 flopped set. 6k


New Game 4 HSP totally unkewl

by , Aug 14, 2007 | 1:09 am

Is anyone else watching reruns of High Stakes Poker right now? They’ve got some newfangled “Do you want this card?” text thingy where you can text-message in some card you may or may not want to see for an undisclosed charge to your cell phone bill.

So what’s the over/under on how long it stays, and whether or not it will reappear when Season Four begins airing later this month? Like seriously, is GSN’s greed in making a few extra cents off the text-horny worth ruining the best poker show on TV? Apparently so, because they’ve given whateverdafug game they are inviting you to play prime real estate on the screen — it covers up the chips and fingers handling them, and the side-game cards they’ve added are bigger than the real hole cards being shown.


UPDATE: It’s called “High Stakes Poker – Play like a Pro.”

Still annoying.

Pressing Buttons

by , Jul 12, 2007 | 2:57 am

LAS VEGAS–Just learned from listening to Chris’ podcast that Bellagio has instituted a new rule — 20 minute penalty for anyone who uses a cell phone (or Blackberry, or Treo, or Blackjack, or iPhone) at the table … whether they are in the hand or not.

Party Time?

by , Jul 4, 2007 | 7:15 pm

LAS VEGAS–Text to Tom (who has been a gracious sounding board this WSOP on matters of game selection, bankroll management, and getting to know that leavin’ feelin’) late last night:

5:11 am — I am good at poker, bad at drinky blackjack. In for 800, cashed out for 2800.

This came after attending Z-Fest 2007 – a 4th of July barbecue hosted by the Lederer family at Steve Zolotow’s house. It also happened to be the site of the “World Series of Karaoke,” which meant getting to see Joe Reitman dance and scream while exposing/shaking/rubbing his belly, and a shitfaced Mike Matusow parading around like a drunken 7-year-old boy with balloons. Good fun. You gotta love a party that celebrates America’s birthday with great Middle Eastern food and an open bar.

From there, I was supposed to meet up with some Dallas friends to chase a few skirts engage in frotteurism at Carnaval Court. But while waiting around I played a little tiny-stakes outdoor blackjack and somehow managed to lose $497 in less than an hour. Dammit! So I went to make it back playing poker across the street at Caesar’s …


My Day at the WSOP: So close to winning it all

by , Jun 17, 2007 | 6:03 pm

LAS VEGAS–Technical difficulties aside … I played in a big tourney yesterday (big for me). It was the third $1,500 NLH event of the WSOP, which drew 2,315 entries. CC over at PokerWorks was cool enough to follow my action while the Fresh Princess couldn’t. I just wish I could have given him and our new-best friends at Milwaukee’s Best Light — who are running online freerolls for main event seats here — a little-more-better to write/read about.

In a nutshell, I just never got any traction. It was like riding a bull out of the gate — up and down and in control of my chips, but never firmly saddled. With my mind as clear as it could be after a morning pep talk with various yokels in web-server tech support … I got hit early when my two pair lost to a better two pair (my fault for playing A-8s) and then my “top top” lost to two pair played very passively, not giving much indication of what I was up against. But that’s OK, no panic — just shifting gears more often than I’d like. Would get down to the proverbial “chip and a chair” holding a single 500 chip in the second level. And then — call me an angle-shooter if you will — I pulled a tricky to stay alive:

Blinds were 50/100, and I had K-Js in middle position. UTG comes in for a raise to 300, and I decide this is the hand I gotta go with. I flip my chip into the pot (with a high arc) saying, “One chip!” Though I gave this overchip underraise about a 20 percent shot of working, the dealer took the bait.

“Sir, excuse me, but you did not say ‘raise.’ This is going to stand as a 300-dollar call.”

Oh, right. Sorry. Oops. I understand.

Everyone else folded, and it’s heads up as we see the flop. I couldn’t have missed more — not even runner-runner flush outs — and when the other player fires out, I fold, leaving me with two black chips change. In my mind I had doubled up, now with an M=0.667.

With this, I started to believe … just maybe possibly …it was my destiny to win. Yep, I’d be following in Tom’s bracelet-bound footsteps … doing Milwaukee’s Best Light, Put a Bad Beat on Cancer (decided to go with the official charity of the WSOP) and The Batfaces proud … all while providing inspiration for all of blog-kind! The belief continued to germinate as I climbed well out of the hole and started to get comfortable after winning a couple races.

While unable to post during the event, I was able to text-message some play-by-play to friends and colleagues. (And interestingly enough, Jack Effel announced specific rules at the start of the tourney relating to this ever-more-common practice for providing chip counts.) Here’s what my “top friends” got as Big Tourney Day progressed:

1:07 pm (pacific)
Hurt kinda early. Lost two pair to 2 pr twice.

1:08 pm
Down to 2 chips and a chair.

1:09 pm
Made it to level 2. M=5

1:33 pm
Literally down to chip and chair. But lasted longer than tom!
[Ed. Note: Tom Schneider and I had a $200 last longest bet, which he smartly hedged by saying we had to make it to Day 2 for either of us to collect.]

1:50 pm
Doubled up from 1 chip to 2. 500 to 200

2:12 pm
Oh boy. I went from 200 to 2250″ seated next to barry greenstein, whose advice i took last night.

2:21 pm
2250. Seated next to barry greenstein on 217. he said advice still good, but sometimes cards don’t cooperate.

2:26 pm
Turned my 200 into 2250. Did i already report this? I arguably shot an angle with an overchip underraise to stay alive.

2:29 pm
Walking back in room. I smell weed. Someone was clearly smoking on break.

3:04 pm
1900 left. Chips that is.

3:17 pm
Just got KOd. My 10-10 lost to AK on the river.

3:20 pm
If i win that hand i think i am good to win the tournament.

WSOG Update

by , May 16, 2007 | 4:05 am

Textual conversation with Tom last night about Day 2 of the inaugural World Series of Golf:

Day 1 coverage here.

Dan: So how did it in today?
Tom: Got knocked out on the 19th hole
Dan: Did you cross the bubble and school phil Ivey?
Tom: Wil talk about it on sgow
Dan: Promise i an not smirking.
Tom: Thx

Not sure how to interpret this, really, but whether he’s got another tale of a pre-bubble bust-out or wants to moan about some obscure score-sheet snafu, it should make for good radio.

And speaking of … for those who aren’t subscribing, check out the Beyond the Table jukebox on the right, as there’s a new episode up — this one mostly about poker politics, palm trees, and pot. Duuude. Multi-faceted, to be sure.

UPDATE: You can also hear Tom explain why he drove to the WSOG on the current episode. Meanwhile, Phil Ivey arrived by helicopter. (Scroll down to very bottom.)

Text-by-Text coverage: WPT Day 3 Bustout

by , Apr 24, 2007 | 5:01 pm

Thanks, Bundas, for keeping us posted. And indeed, total bummer to see the CardPlayer tease. Plus $40k for 92nd place woulda been much better than -$5k for 140somethingth.

Repeat near-bubble finishes in big events never feels good:

Dan [4:44 pm]: Ugh. Sorry.
Tom [4:51 pm]: Im going 2 buy a bullet and rent a gun