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Mark Gahagan started covering poker news in January 2010 with an self-run podcast called "Small Stakes Grinder". The show gathered a small following on the Pokerroad forums and that early success led him to hosting the Rabbit Hunt podcast on Cardrunners as well as working as a contributor to Pokerati.

Mark splits his time covering the latest poker news with working toward his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at UC San Diego.
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  • Rabbit Hunt: 67

    28 Sep 2011

    Another week, more Full Tilt news. Mark and Matt look at the continued fallout from the amended civil compliant as it hit the poker community, the mainstream media, and even a poker tour. It all is broken down nicely for you on this week's Rabbit …

  • Rabbit Hunt: 66

    21 Sep 2011

    Mark and Matt try to sift through the latest Full Tilt indictment news on this week's Rabbit Hunt. Between the Department of Justice, Tom Dwan, 2p2, and Twitter, there was more than enough to cover the subject in detail, and the two also look into…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 65

    14 Sep 2011

    Mark and Matt are back with a brand new episode of Rabbit Hunt this week. The two tackle the latest Black Friday news involving Full Tilt, Pokerstars, and potentially Merge as well. Also, did the Epic Poker League do the right thing with their scheduli…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 64

    31 Aug 2011

    The doldrums of August have finally caught up with the guys over at the Rabbit Hunt, but they were able to find a few news gems anyway. We discuss the true shortfall Full Tilt is facing, Jamie Gold's new poker site, WPT changes, and then Annie Duk…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 63

    24 Aug 2011

    Matt Matros returns to the Rabbit Hunt and there is a lot to cover this week. Full Tilt has made another announcement regarding its status, Epic Poker laid down its first sanction, and Brian Hastings won a tournament in Florida. All this and more on th…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 62

    17 Aug 2011

    It feels like deja vu on the Rabbit Hunt, but the two big stories from last week are the big stories again this week. Mark and Matt look into the latest interviews and posts from Dan Cates and Haseeb Qureshi and see who now is at fault. Then, after rec…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 61

    11 Aug 2011

    On this weeks Rabbit Hunt, Matt takes over the hosting reins as Mark covers the inaugural Epic Poker League event. But other than that, it's the same ole show. The two discuss the "Girah" scandal that erupted on 2+2, the latest from that…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 60

    03 Aug 2011

    This week Matt Savage joins the program to talk about his tournament decision organization and one of its rules that has received a lot of controversy over the last few weeks. Also, did Full Tilt act as a loan service to its sponsored pros? All this an…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 59

    26 Jul 2011

    On this week's show, Mark and Matt try to sort out the mess that was the AGCC hearing on Full Tilt, as well as Bodog pulling their brand out of the US. Then, Annie Duke comes on the program to discuss the Epic Poker League and how things are looki…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 58

    21 Jul 2011

    Mark and Matt are closing out the WSOP on this week's Rabbit Hunt. They go over the November Nine, looking to see might have an advantage early on, as well as who came out on top and who didn't over the course of the entire series.